Tutorial for disappearing card trick

Magic with cards has many different kinds of tricks, but the most typical is the magic trick that causes the card to appear or disappear.

Today I will guide you to do magic tricks to make the cards disappear.

Magic card trick: The card disappears from the palm of the hand

Your flexible fingers will move quickly to let the audience know that your hands are empty.

This magic trick will be great for those with big hands to easily conceal the card.

The left hand moves continuously with the hand facing up.

Next, the right hand contracts to hide the card behind.

The card will be placed horizontally and placed deep inside the hand to allow the outside fingers to move.

Please see how to do float the card according to the following article.

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Magic card trick: The card disappears in midair

Still an advantageous magic trick for magicians with big hands.

In this magic trick, you’ll turn your body to the right and show the audience you perform on the left.

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Your right hand will clamp the card by squeezing your fingers tightly and pinching the sides of the card into your finger.

Then, you motion the card to pop as if the card is appearing in the palm of your hand.

Finally, you let the card fall to the ground to show the audience that the card is gone.

Magic card trick: The card is replaced by another card

With the next game of magic, the cards will disappear and appear continuously in surprise.

First, drawing out the card from the first position over the other cards.

Then, your right hand covers the card in second place and sniffs it with the palm of your hand.

Next, placing your right hand on the first card. The second card will now replace the first card.
The audience will think that the first card is gone.

Notes to do magic tricks to disappear the card

The magic card tricks I have introduced to you are done very quickly.

If you are not given detailed instructions on how to do each trick then fear that you will not be able to do it.

In addition to the advantage of having big hands, your finesse and flexibility are equally important to the success of this magic card trick.

Concealing the card so that the audience could not detect it requires a high degree of meticulousness and quick gesture of magicians.

Therefore, please practice hard every day to achieve the best results in the future.

Try your best, future magicians!

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