Learn To Do 10 Card Magic Tricks For Beginner

Magic with cards also went from simple to complex gradually like any other field in life.

This article will share with you simple ways to do magic with cards, so that you can practice yourself and give yourself a foundation for higher magic tricks.

Magic card trick: Rotating the cards to change colors

You will prepare two cards from the front and turn the two cards against each other.

The fingers below will mark the position of second card so you can take both the first and second card with ease.

Using your other hand to carefully rotate the card without any cards coming off.

Magic card trick: The fan by the card clears the other card

You still need to prepare two main cards to do this magic trick.

These two cards are placed next to each other and are held in your left hand.

Then the right hand will cheapen the deck into a fan to do some magic moves on the other two cards.

The move of bringing the fan closer to the two cards currently held in your left hand will help you remove the first card.

After that, the audience will see only the card behind the card was removed.

Magic card trick: Swiping to change the card color

Placing the two cards you want to do magic on on top of the deck.

Then you will use your thumbs to swipe the card.

You will swipe the card several times and there will be a time when the card touches the deck.

At the moment, you swap the card you are holding for the top card of the deck.

Your quick gesture will prevent the viewer from detecting your trick.

Magic card trick: Changing the color of the card in the blink of an eye

The following magic tricks will be very beneficial for those with big hands.

The right hand should be closed and use the thumb and index finger to remove the card in the last position of the deck.

After you have removed the last card from the deck, immediately place your whole right hand on the first card in the deck.

At this time, the audience will only see the card you took from the bottom of the deck.

Magic card trick: Every swiping time disappears a card

The following magic trick I introduce will be very simple.

First, placing the last card of the deck completely deviated from the rest of the cards.

Your right hand should be tightly closed and cover the deck to quickly reach the bottom card.

Then you just need to place your right hand on the deck. Each time you take away one card.

Because the moves are done so quickly, the viewers will only see the cards disappear continuously

Magic card trick: Flick into the card to change the color of the card

You use your right hand to hold two cards. Mainly use the thumb and index finger to push the card back.

Just do an extra flick of the card to cover the viewer’s eyes.

Magic card trick: A magic hand that disappears the card

First, showing the audience that your right hand is empty.

The right hand will be closed tightly and slightly retracted to easily taking the card.

Then, placing your right hand on the deck and quickly remove the first card from the deck.

Magic card trick: Rotating the card to make it disappear

Preparing two cards of different colors and are placed next to each other from the start.

Using two hands to rotate the two cards continuously. While rotating in the palm of the hand, quickly taking the below card to hide.

Then turning your other card around and hiding that card into the palm of the hand so that the viewers will only see the card placed later.

Magic card trick: Lightly waving to change the color of the card

This trick only needs a wave of your hand across the deck.

Your right hand will close tightly. By that time, when touching the deck, the right hand quickly inhaled a card.

Absolutely do not let the viewers see the card hidden in the palm of your hand.

Magic card trick: Rotating the card 360 degrees to change its color

This magic trick will be a bit dizzy because you have to rotate the card 360 degrees.

While rotating the card, you can take turns to taking one card out for the audience to see and keep the other card in the palm of your hand.

When you trade cards, your hand should be enough to cover the action.

I have shared with you a variety of magic tricks to change the color of the card, disappear and appear the card, … and so on.

The rest of you is to choose the trick that suits you best and practice seriously every day.

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