5 things to know for the first time going to the magic shop

The first time I went to the magic shop, everything was new, everything surprised me. I saw a lot of magic props, I also bought a lot, and I realized, I’m quite disappointed with most of the things I’ve bought.

The first time you go to a magic shop, you wonder how you can buy the magic props that suits for you? I would like to share with you 5 necessary tips for those who first time go to the magic shop.

Learn about the magic props before going to the magic shop

First of all, you have to learn about the magic props before going to the magic shop, magic shop often have a website to showcase their products, go there and watch the performance video first. From that video, you will know the name of the props, use that name to search on google and youtube, learn about the props, see how people rate it.

Learn about the magic props

After having a list of the magic props, get rid of most of those magic props, leaving only two to three props you feel it best suited to you. Write down the name of these magic props on paper to avoid confusion, because in magic, there are many magic props with similar names, you can easily mistake their names if you do not write them down on paper.

When you come to the magic shop, sometimes you will be presented with lots of things, they will show you and surprise you from time to time, but don’t let those distract you, remember the list of the magic props you’ve prepared, ask them to advise you on them, ask them carefully, tell them about your needs before deciding to buy any magic props.

Buy magic props that are easy to do

In my experience, if you are going to the magic shop for the first time, you should not buy magic props that require “some time” practice to perform. If they tell you “this is not very difficult” and “you need to practice for a while” then that means you will need to practice for quite a long time to be able to do it well.

Buy magic props easy to do

As for the magic props they say “this is very easy” and “you don’t need to practice”, believe me, you will still have to practice, but at least it doesn’t require too much time and it will not make you bored. For those who are new to magic, it’s easy to get bored and frustrated if you come across a magic tool that is too difficult to use, you need something easy to do so you can “show off” to your friends.

Of course, I only give this advice based on the experience of the majority, in fact, many people like to challenge themselves, they choose some really hard props and take some time to practice, If you’re such a person, then you can choose to buy the props you like, no matter how hard or easy it is.

Do not buy expensive magic props

Some magic props … are often very easy to broken, if you use them in the wrong way, it’s a fact that few magic shops don’t to tell you, when you buy a magic props, if it’s an easy broken props, they will tell you very carefully, but because you are new, sometimes you are not aware the importance of “following the instructions” and the magic props that you bought is broken in the first time you use.

Expensive magic props

I am not saying that all magic props are like that, but because of the principles, materials and construction of some magic props, it requires you to follow certain rules when using to ensure endurance of magic props. I can name a few magic props such as: PK Ring, Tarantula, Flap Cards …

So why don’t I recommend buying expensive magic props? The reason is simple, if you damage the $ 1 props, it’s okay, but if you accidentally damage the $ 100 props, that’s a sad story. Therefore, before having certain experience and knowledge of magic, I recommend that you stay away from expensive props, especially electronic magic props. This saves you a lot of money so you can buy cheap and equally interesting magic props.

Be careful, magic shop can “trick” you

I used to work in a magic shop, so I knew this, if I met a customer who said they wanted to buy “magic props for beginners” and then if I “wasn’t in the mood”, I would will show them the “50 in 1 magic combo”.

I will give lots of reasons to convince them to buy this combo, which will be cheaper, a variety of categories, select the best and most popular … All are true, and another fact is that such combos are designed for beginners, but the surprising thing is that in my experience and most other magicians, beginners should not buy magic combos.

Magic Combo is Just for Kid

It’s a funny paradox, like the fact that fast food stores sell salads to help customers lose weight, the magic combo is great, but it is not suitable for beginners because it … has too many magic props inside. This makes you distract, you hardly practice a magic props to good enought to be able to perform, and in those magic combos, there will definitely some props that you don’t like, not suitable for you.

In my opinion, the best value that magic combos bring is to use as gifts for children, because children like colorful and cute things and a magic combo is such thing. As an beginner, with the money to buy a magic combo, you can buy fewer magic props, but those will be the ones that suit you better.

Don’t forget to ask for tutorial videos

One last thing before you leave magic shop, that is ask for a tutotial video of all you have bought, if possible, also what you have not bought but want to refer (usually unacceptable). Sometimes, the magic shop will give you tutorial videos, but sometimes they will teach you directly and “forget” to give you the videos, remind them.

Although the live tutorial will be easier to understand and you can do it after a few minutes of practice, but “can do it” and “do it well” are two completely different concepts, you need detailed video tutorials to help you more complete, the tutorial videos also provide ideas and other methods of performance that are not available in the live tutorial.

Ask for tutorial videos

A magic props has a lot of performance methods, to save time and easily for you, the magic shop will show you the simplest and easiest method, which is good for you, but you also need refer to many other methods to build and create a better routine, and the tutorial videos are a great source of reference, never leave the magic shop without the detailed tutorial videos.

Above are some tips for you for the first time going to the magic shop, when i am beginner, I wish I knew these things, it will help me save some money to buy other things. Basically, if you’re going to the magic shop for the first time, it’s very easy to waste money on the magic props you don’t like, don’t need, or don’t suit you right now, and this five tips above helps you avoid those. And if you don’t care about money, just buy whatever surprises you, it’s as simple as that.

Lewi Seraphim
at 7magic INC

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