Svengali deck best card trick ever

A lot of people are already familiar with card magic, but quite a few of you know about Svengali deck in card magic.

This article will introduce you to this deck and show you how to do magic with this interesting deck.

Magic card trick: Swap cards

First, you show the audience all the cards by spreading the cards from top to bottom.

Then, you stop on the position of the Six Card.

You show the audience the first card in the deck and use the dice to place it on that card.

Continue to draw cards from above and stop on the Six Hearts.

Then you take the Six-card cards from the deck and some magic moves like to swap the positions of the two most important cards.

Finally, you turn up the card placed under the table and see that the card has been swapped strangely.

Actually, this is because there are many Six-Cards in the deck and since the Six-Card is shorter than the other cards, it is easy to stop when spread.

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Magic card trick: Hide the card

For the next magic, you turn up the Six-Card and do the hiding motion by pinching it under your hand.

The hand wave will help you hide the card.

After the card is hidden, the audience will think the Six Card becomes the face card.
Since there are so many Six Co cards, it’s pretty easy to do.

Magic card trick: appear a card in multiple positions

You divide down the table the number of cards that are the sum of the sides of the dice on the board.

You spread the deck of cards on the table showing the audience only the six cards.

In fact, six-card cards have a shorter structure than normal runes so when it drops onto the board it will drop two cards at a time.

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Magic card trick: A range of magic cards

Likewise, since there are many Six-card cards in the deck, when the cards are divided into sections the first card is arranged as six cards.

You will place the Six-card cards placed in the first position from the beginning.

In the end, you spread the cards on the table to see only six cards.

This will create a virtual feeling for the audience when watching this magic trick.

Six-card cards with a special structure contribute to the amazing magic tricks, right?

Hurry up and get yourself this deck to practice the magic tricks that I have introduced!

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