5 best easy card tricks You Can Do Today

One of the simplest and easiest magic tricks to perform is card magic.

If other magic tricks require a lot of items, here the deck is not difficult to buy.

Magic card trick: This card turns into another card

With just two cards, you can have an amazing magic trick right away.

This magic trick will be extremely convenient for magicians who do magic with big hands.

One card is hidden in the palm of your hand and your other hand holds the other card.

Just like that, you keep switching two cards back and forth so the audience can see the magic of this magic trick.

For those of you who are just starting to do magic with cards, you will probably have difficulty.

Read the article below to learn more instructions to do magic with this article.

Learn 4 easy card tricks step by step

Magic card trick: Two cards are swapped

The first card viewed by the audience will be face down.

With the agility of your hands, you quickly turn the other side of the original card.

These two cards are facing each other using your hand to hold.

Since you hold these two cards skillfully, the audience will think that the original card is gone.

Tutorial for disappearing card trick

Magic card trick: Cards switch positions

The following magic games are quite similar to the above mentioned magic tricks but will be easier for you to do.

You only need to do this magic trick with one hand.

The fingers on the same hand holding the deck will move the original card down and take the second card up.

In an instant, the audience will see a change of cards like magic has happened.

Magic card trick: The magic hand transforms the card

For this game you will be using the palm of your hand.

Those with large palms will be an advantage.

You will repeatedly put the card out and then put the card back into the deck.

After placing the cards in the deck you immediately swap the cards in the palm of your hand with the card on the deck.

In a blink of an eye, the card has been changed and the audience cannot detect it.

Magic card trick: The table surface changes cards

This game will be played on the table and the palm of your hand.

The palm will contain one card and your job is to quickly insert it into the other card to swap.

When you put the card on the table, you pay attention to put your hand down and cover the whole card.

Then quickly shuffle and swap the card skillfully to reveal no part of the card.

The magic tricks that I introduced are simple, right?

With just the cards and skillful manipulation, we have a great magic show.

Practice your hands well to perform well.

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