How to do 4 simple card tricks

Magic with songs has long been no stranger to everyone

Most magicians know how to perform the popular game with cards.

Today I will show you how magic card is very simple and does not take much time to practice.

This card goes through another card

You show 3 stacked cards to the audience and turn the first card.

You then pick up the first card and gently rub it on the card next to it.

Because initially you used scissors to cut half of the card on the side of the first card the other can pass through the cut card.

As strange as it may seem, the first card has pierced another card.

Be careful not to reveal the cut off the card.

Control A Card To The Top

First, you show the audience what the first card of the card is.

You then swap that card inside the deck.

One hand spreads part of the card and the other hand holds the original card.

The key to this magic trick is that you have to move quickly to put the stack of cards behind the card originally seen by the audience.

This quick move will make the audience think you are using magic to make the card jump overhead.

Surely you beginners still find it difficult to do magic with cards.

No problem! You can learn more how to perform magic with the following article.

Learn To Do 10 Card Magic Tricks For Beginner

How To Deal Four Aces Card Tricks

A deck of cards is shown on the table for the audience to preview with the Poker placed first.

You then randomly divide the deck into four parts and the four Poker cards will still come back together in the one hand you dealt.

In fact, the move you deal with is just an authoring move for you to get the Xie that is listed under the deck first.

Please practice skillfully dealing cards so that the audience will not detect your trick.

Svengali deck best card trick ever

Second Deal Magic Tricks

The first card that you show your audience will be placed first.

Then you face the original card down and use the movement to perform dealing.

The first card will still be placed at the top, but your dealing will be dealt under the first card.

The audience will still think that you are dealing cards in top-down order.

Finally, you can split your original card. The audience will surely wonder why that card can appear so many times.

Magic with simple cards, right?

Fast and skillful movement is the most important factor to help you perform well in magic with that card.

Please practice hard for better results.

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