Top 10 Stage Magic Props That Magicians Should Have

Performing stage magic is one of the most popular ways for magicians to make money.

To perform well on stage, it requires a lot of factors, from the inside and from the outside.

In particular, there is an extremely important and indispensable outside factor, which is the stage magic props.

This is a list of 10 stage magic props that magicians should have.

Floating Table Stage Magic Props

The table is not only for holding objects, it can also be used to perform magic.

After some opening magic tricks, the magician approached the table and … made it float.

The audience may be invited to perform this magic trick with the magician.

Fire Book To Dove Stage Magic Props

A book caught fire, then from the mysterious flame, a dove appeared.

Doves, fire and books, a wonderful and impressive combination, will surely surprise the audience.

This stage magic props are very simple, easy to use and have great effects.

Multiplying Bottles Stage Magic Props

A bottle of wine and a glass, first they swapped positions. This is quite surprising, but things have not stopped there.

What is even more surprising is, one bottle turns into ten bottles of wine and the audience totally doesn’t understand where the bottles come from.

This magic trick is performed by many magicians and surprises millions of audiences all over the world.

Appearing Cane Stage Magic Props

Colorful handkerchief are indispensable when performing stage magic.

A handkerchief can turn into a flower, a dove and … a cane. This is a very common magic trick that any stage magician has.

Multiplying Balls Stage Magic Props

The ball appears, the ball changes color, the ball doubles, the ball turns into many balls.

The ball continued to turn into a handkerchief, turned into a snowflake and eventually the ball disappeared.

Those are the wonderful and beautiful effects that these magic balls bring to the audience.

Jumbo Go Fishing Stage Magic Props

The kids really like this magic trick. This is the experience of many magicians who have performed this magic trick.

When the children saw the fish appear in the bag, they came running just to touch the fish.

If you often perform for children, this is the magic trick you should have in your collection.

Of course, as an adult, I was also surprised to see this magic for the first time.

Change Bag Stage Magic Props

This magical bag can do a lot of work. It can disappear and make objects appear.

It can turn paper into money, change handkerchief colors, change cards, make pigeons appear … and many other things.

There is no reason for you to refuse this stage magic props in your collection.

Magic Umbrella Small Size Stage Magic Props

The magician came out with empty hands, then an umbrella suddenly appeared, then two, three … many umbrellas appeared.

At first, the audience probably won’t be surprised when the magician makes an umbrella, but as the number of umbrellas increases, the audience will be really surprised.

They do not understand why there may be so many umbrellas, where they come from and how.

Dancing Cane Stage Magic Props

The cane is a fashionable accessory of the gentlemen, in the old days. It is also considered a power symbol.

So what can a magician do with a cane. There are many things a magician can do, such as making a cane fly around him and dance.

That’s true, magicians can make the cane really fly around and dance, which is amazing and impressive.

Linking Rings Stage Magic Props

Another name for this magic trick is Ninja Rings. I’m not sure about how Ninja used rings as weapons in the past.

This magic trick can be performed with three rings, four rings and up to eight rings.

This is a familiar stage magician props with a lot of magicians. Its history can be up to hundreds of years.

Depending on the interests and circumstances of the show, the magician will build for himself a different routine performance based on different magic props.

A magic props can be applied to many routine performances and bring completely different effects and feel to the audience.

The most important thing in magic is creativity, you have to be creative to bring something new to the audience from old stage magic props.

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