Magic props dancing cane magic tricks

The flying stick is a unique stage magic show with extremely interesting magic effects.
Viewers were surprised and surprised when you made a normal stick fly in the air.

With magical magic moves, you easily make a seemingly inanimate stick that can create magic floating like having control objects.

First, you will perform some moves with the magic stick, such as rotating the cane without touching, holding the stick with one finger.

What’s more, you can rotate the club around many times without using your hands.

The key to this magic trick is the invisible string that connects your hand to the stick.

Controlling the string will be a bit difficult for beginners because the rope is too fragile.

The skillful fingers of the hand control the movement of the stick.

To be able to completely decide how to move this stick, you have to practice hard.

If you merely put the stick to the left and then to the right, it will definitely cause the audience to feel bored.

Magic tricks with light up thumb tip magic props

To make the magic show more interesting and lively, combine with the king’s music but no less thrilling.

A special thing is that you can not only use your hands to perform with this stick but also can use your feet.

Combining with hip hop music will make the magic show even more cheerful.

A professional magician with good looks combined with ingenuity is not enough to make a successful magic show.

Top 5 stage magic props every magician must have

The great magician must be the one who takes the audience away from surprise to surprise and constantly gasps in surprise.

Although with just one stick, it will be difficult to constantly surprise the audience, but if you create many forms of performance with a stick, you will have a very successful magic show.

You can combine with black fabrics or colorful towels to create more attractive for the magic trick.

Believe that through the dedicated instruction, you can master this exciting performance in just a short time.

Surely you will be the brightest spot in all magic tricks, not just magic tricks with this stick.

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