Learn 5 magic tricks that fool everyone

Knowing how to do magic makes you stand out from the crowd.

Be a person with many talents that make others admire. Simply with the cards you can also make others admire your talent.

The pen hovered in the palm of the hand

With this game, you’ll turn the back of your hand towards the audience.

The inside of the hand will pierce a pencil through the watch on hand.

Then simply grip the pen under the pencil to keep the pen steady.

Several contractions are made to demonstrate to the audience that the pen does not fall.

Here’s how to do magic without too much practice.

How to learn easy magic tricks without practice

The magic hand controls the pen

First, holding a pen in your palm and gently shaking it a few times.

Then using your other hand to grab the wrist of the hand holding the pen.

Note that a finger will be used to hold the pen in the palm of the hand.

This game is shown to the audience in front of you and must not reveal the finger that holds the pen.

How to do a magic trick with a deck of cards

The finger disappears from the hand

This game looks a bit scary for viewers, so you need to be prepared mentality.

You use one hand to hold the little finger of the other hand.

At that moment, you shrink your littel finger down.

Viewers will be frightened when your finger disappears supprisingly like that.

Remember that your hand is tilted so that the audience won’t see your shrinking finger.

Cards turn into stacks of money

Surely quite a lot of you will be interested about the magic of turning money.

With just one deck of cards you can turn into a pile of that money.

Of course there will be a very special trick for this game.

Please quickly contact the shop to buy this special props to perform.

Cards go through each other

Three cards will be displayed in front of the audience, but you pay attention not to reveal the cut card.

Red cards will be inserted between two cards that are face down.

You take the red card slowly into the slot that is pre-cut on the other card.

If you didn’t know the card was cut right from the start, the audience will probably think magic happens.

When watching the above magic tricks, you will certainly feel bewildered and do not believe your eyes.

The above video has guided you through simple magic tricks, please try to practice hard!

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