Top 5 most amazing magic props that any magician should have

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Magic props are an indispensable thing for magicians, it makes magicians perform incredible tricks and surprise the audience. Here is a list of 5 magic props with the most amazing effects that any magician should have.

These magic props are magic props that are recognized by all magicians in the world, over many years, these magic props are not obsolete but are still used to surprise millions of audiences every day.

Svengali Deck: Timeless magic props

The Svengali Deck was my first deck of cards when I learned magic, this deck was invented over a hundred years ago, and after years of learning magic, known many interesting tricks in magic, I got Svengali Deck is still the most effective deck of cards when performing. I believe many magicians have the same opinion as me, Svengali Deck can be said to be a deck of cards that will bring the utmost surprise to the viewers, especially the final transformation effect, everyone screams when watch it.

Svengali Deck

Svengali is a 19th-century term for a person who can control and manipulate others, which is why magicians call this deck Svegali Deck, because this is a deck that gives The magician has complete control over the cards. One of the best effects of the Svengali Deck is to turn a deck of cards with a lot of different cards into a deck that all the cards are the audience’s pick.

As mentioned, the Svengali Deck was invented around the 19th century, a time when copyright protection laws almost didn’t exist, so it is difficult to say exactly who created the Svengali Deck. But in 1909, Burling Hull had a patent for the Svengali Deck, and the Svengali Deck was considered the basic magic props for beginners.

Stripper Deck: The deck of “masters”

Stripper Deck is a great magic props, it is an almost indispensable thing for magicians, it can be considered a “legend” in all magic props that you know and will know. . Stripper Deck gives you the ability to control your deck like a master.

The difference between Stripper Deck and Svengali Deck is that the Stripper Deck can be shuffled by the audience, the Stripper Deck can be used as a normal deck, can be used to play cards, which Svengali Deck cannot do. That’s why the Stripper Deck is also known by people who aren’t magicians, you know, they’re people who make money by playing cards … but don’t rely on luck.

Stripper Deck

The Stripper Deck and the Svengali Deck are both great magic props, if I talk about effects, I still prefer the Svengali Deck, but overall, the Stripper Deck is a safe choice for magicians, because The reasons I have said above.

Thumbtip: The most classic magic props

Disappearing a coin, disappearing a handkerchief or even disappearing a cigarette, these are the most classic magic tricks of all time, there are many ways to perform these magic tricks, but most of them It takes time to practice. Until Thumbtip was invented, it changed the game, it made magic tricks easier, more secretive, more amazing and after nearly 150 years of invention, it was still a best-selling magic props most of all time.


Around 1880, Professor Herwin invented a thumbtip based on ideas from another magician’s magic props. Professor Herwin is not only a magician, a professor, but he is also a mechanic, which is an important factor that helps him have the advantage in creating magic props, as well as improving the Magic props have been there before, laying the foundation for future magic.

Professor Herwin has invented many magic props throughout his life, but his most famous invention is Thumbtip, a magic props known and used by every magician in the world, to this day. The magician will tell new people, if you do not know Thumbtip, you do not really know magic.

PK Ring: The best magic props and accessories

PK Ring is a perfect magic props, a great accessory for magicians, this magic props is perfectly disguised as a ring, no one can doubt a ring can. do many amazing things like that. According to information from a reputable magician website, the first PK Ring was designed by Magicians for Magicians.

When you own a PK Ring, you can do many different magic tricks, all depending on your imagination, you can change the bill, disappear the coin, make the coin through beer cans, make bottle caps to pass through beer bottles, stopping the clock … and much more. PK Ring is like a treasure for you to discover, it helps you easier for you to do the magic tricks.

PK Ring

It can be called a PK Ring is magic props, can also be considered as an accessory for magicians, because today, many magicians create new magic props, the magic props need PK Ring to can be perform well. That is one of the many reasons PK Ring has become one of the most famous and best-selling magic props.

An interesting fact about the PK Ring, because it is made of 100% magnet, PK Ring is easy to break when faced with strong impacts. The most reason magicians buy a new PK Ring, not because the previous ring is old or lost, but 99% of that ring … broke.

Invisible Thread: Everything can float

Invisible thread, also known as IT, are a type of thread that under most light conditions, the audience will not see, which helps magicians perform the magic tricks that make small objects float. Invisible thread requires a combination of a adhesive called Wax, which is used to stick two ends of the thread, one end with objects and one with a magician.

The items commonly used to perform with invisible thread are cards, cigarettes, rings, bills, it all depends on your creativity. Invisible thread are a great magic props, however, they are hard accessible to novices magician, because it requires delicate feel and needs practice. (you are hard to see it, so you must feel it).

Invisible Thread

Not only used in street magic, invisible thread are sometimes also used for stage magic, but very rarely, the use of invisible thread on stage requires an extremely sophisticated design to create flying, moving effects that may surprise the audiences. The invisible thread is a great magic props and it’s cheaper than most other props, you can even extract the invisible thread by yourself from certain socks.

Invisible thread give the audiences the best effects, but it also requires hard practice. If you are a magician, if you want to perform with invisible thread, then you should not be short-sighted, because in my opinion, is very difficult to use invisible thread for short-sighted peoples.

And those are the 5 most amazing magic props that I know, these are ranked based on criteria such as effects, popularity and practical applicability. And which of the 5 props do you like best? Or do you know of any other interesting props I’ve missed, let me know.

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