10 Easy Magic Tricks For Kid

A lot of people think magic is difficult, and only someone with intelligence and skill can do it.

This view is very wrong. Even children can master simple magic tricks.

Here I will guide you ten simple magic tricks for kids.

The magic box turned out a towel

First you show the audience the box is completely empty.

After that, you do some magic moves to make the scarf.

What a surprise! The red scarf is pulled from the original empty box.

Actually this box has a special structure.

There’s a box back to hide the scarf and when you put the box back they can pull the towel out from there.

Wearung a ring in the blink of an eye

Your hand holds the ring firmly.

Then, when he raised his hand, the ring was immediately attached to the index finger.

The flip gesture actually lets us put our index finger on the ring so quickly that the audience cannot see it.

This game is simple, but it seems very good, right.

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The bubbles turn into towels

First, put a bubble in the center of the box and pull out the iron from the box. At that moment, you use that iron to pop the bubble.

The broken shadow will make the towel hidden at the top of the box burst.

Audience will feel the bubble will turn into a towel.

In fact, the two red scarves are just for the audience to think that the shadow turns into a scarf associated with the original two red towels.

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Magic puzzle piece

From many small color puzzle pieces can be assembled into one large piece in the blink of an eye.

First, you take out small pieces and show them to your audience.

Then, you do some magic tricks and stick those pieces behind the large paper that you originally prepared.

Taking care not to expose the back of the paper.

Randomly picking up four Poker

Rolling out the cards and place four Poker cards at the end of the deck.

Then, split the deck into pieces but keep the four Poker at the end of the deck.

Audience will think you will still draw four Poker at random.

Predict random cards

You deal until the audience stops talking.

Making some magic moves and then prophesies the chosen suit.

In fact, the Eight-Ro card has been chosen before.

When the table is dealt, push the eight cards in and deal the cards one after another until the audience stops and you will take out the eight cards.

The magic smoke disappears the card

Using essential oils in the machine and put on the hand is hidden behind the sleeve.

When the smoke comes out, your other hand is between the card the audience originally saw.

The smoke would make the audience think that magic had vanished the original card.

The black box turned into a dice

Taking one dice into the black box and crush the second dice with the other hand. Open the black box the dice appear in the box.

Do the same until the fourth dice.

In fact, in the black box there is a dice pre-stuck on the lid and the act of crushing the dice is just a gesture.

Burning the towel but not burned.

First we put a towel in the hole of the first box.

Then turn the box around and pull the towel out. That way, the towel is not pierced through the plastic box.

That’s why when you put the plastic box over the candle, the towel won’t run.

The card turns out a coin

Holding the card in one hand and pulling the card causes the coin to appear in the palm of the hand.

Actually, the coin is already stuck on the underside of the card, so pulling the card only makes the coin fall out of the hand.

I have introduced to you super simple magic tricks that even kids can do.

Let your children and grandchildren learn these games.

I am sure they will enjoy.

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