Learn 4 easy card tricks step by step

When we watch card magic, the magician’s skillful movements always amaze us.

But to have such a beautiful magic show requires mastering many steps.

This article will guide you in detail every step of the way to do magic with this article.

The cardisappears into space

First you show the audience the card that is placed first on the deck.

Your hands will continuously make magic moves through that card.

When the audience is not paying attention, your hands meet, you use one hand to grip the first card.

Keep the card skillfully so that the audience won’t notice your hand is holding the card.

This magic game looks mysterious but extremely simple, right.

Here are some simple card color changing tricks for your reference.

Top 5 color changing card trick

The magic hand changes the cards

Similar to the first game, you show the audience the card placed on the table first.

Then, your hands do some paranormal moves across the card.

However, this move is done near the card placed on the table so that you can push the first card under the table.

The push of the card down on the table needs to be skillfully done with one of your fingers.

Shuffle the cards

Three cards placed on the table were prepared from the start.

Then, turn all three cards up for the audience to see carefully.

Shuffling from left to right is done continuously.

Shuffling the cards may seem messy, but they are actually done in a sequence and just a gesture.

How to do floating card trick

Four cards are shuffled but are still selected

You shuffled the cards in a mess and many times but did not touch the first four cards.

The card-out motion is carefully performed by the fingers on the hand holding the card.

The cards that are flipped quickly and continuously will leave the audience unaware that these four cards are at the top of the deck.

Magic with cards at first looked like magicians with magic, but only thanks to clever movements.

This requires you to follow the order and practice regularly.

I wish you will succeed with your performance.

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