How to do floating card trick

Card magic has long been no stranger to everyone.

Today I will introduce to you a fairly popular form of card magic is the Floating Card tricks.

Magic trick: How to do flying card trick

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Is controlling the card with your hand or making the card fly seem very unbelievable?

For this magic trick we take an invisible string and stick it to the back of your ear.

Then use your hands to fix the direction of the card’s movement.

Note that you should perform this magic trick from a distance to avoid detection.

Magic trick: How to make stick hover on a card

At the first, place a stick on the card in front of the audience.

Use your finger to poke the end of the stick so that it moves around the card.

Then, the stick can be lifted from the card.

With this magic trick, you can use an invisible string to control the stick to fly on the card.

Or stick an invisible string into your mouth and use your hands to make a gesture to control the stick.

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Magic trick: Hover card magic trick easy to do

You will hold a deck of cards and show them in front of the audience so they won’t see any out of the ordinary.

Then you prepare a specially constructed card made up of two cards.

These two cards can be pushed apart and inhaled according to your control.

Note with magic tricks

Move the card away, then bring the card closer many times to surprise the audience.

Between the two transparent cards, the audience would not be able to think of the magicians’ tricks.

Note that you cannot directly check the composition of the card by the audience or it will be revealed.

The magic tricks I introduced are so simple that you can perform successfully the first time.

However, you need to act in a way that the audience believes the magician has magic in performing these tricks.

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