Tutorial 5 card shuffling tricks

One of the techniques you should know if you are learning card magic is the technique of manipulating cards by shuffling fake cards.

This article I will guide you in detail for each game.

Magic card trick: Overhand False Shuffle with four Aces

Thoroughly shuffling the cards will help the audience think that the cards have been mixed together.

Aces cards are separated from other cards and they are placed face-up in the deck.

You will first take a card that marks the positions of the Aces.

Then, from that marked position you take out the Aces cards for the audience to see.
This magic trick requires skillful workers.

Magic card trick: Hindu False Shuffle with arranged cards

For shuffling games, the first thing you need to do is shuffle.

The audience sees you shuffling your cards professionally, but actually you shuffle the top half of the deck.

Four Aces cards are placed at the beginning of the other half of the deck.

Finally, you take the Aces cards on top and show them to the audience.

Surely this technique will be a bit difficult for beginners.

Don’t worry, the following article will guide you in detail with some of the magic tricks for beginners.

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Magic card trick : Zarrow Shuffle with horizontal decks

With this game, we will skillfully shuffle the Zarrow Shuffle technique.

First, place the deck horizontally and proceed to mark the dividing line between the black and red cards.

The shuffle is done continuously, but you are actually preventing the cards from shuffling each other.

5 card magic trick with stripper deck

This magic game requires a high skill of a magician to be completed well.

Magic card trick: Push Thru False Shuffle

This magic game shuffles only half of the deck.

With flexible shuffling movements, the two cards are joined together only on the top and bottom cards used.

Then, you shuffle the cards together because they are the same color so we won’t be afraid of the wrong color.

Be sure not to mix cards of different colors or mix them or they will ruin the magic.

Magic Card Trick: Circle Shuffle

Turn the card on the red side to mark the two different color cards.

After marking is complete, just shuffle the cards from the top and then bring the highlighted cards to the top.

Finally, since shuffling does not mix the two cards together, the result remains the same.

To do this magic trick, only the props are a deck of cards, but it requires the hands of the magician to be skillful in controlling the cards.

Please practice hard every day to master the magic shuffle cards.

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