How to do card magic tricks for beginners

For those who love professional magic and want to practice themselves, you can start with simple magic lesson tutorials.

Following the magic card instructions will help you become more fluent in card operations.

Magic card trick: Four fateful Aces card

First off all, you will shuffle the cards a lot in front of your audience.

Mark the position of Aces cards by mixing Aces cards with other cards.

Four Ace cards will be placed side by side and alternated by another card.

Then, you divide this number of cards into two parts. Each set consists of three cards, three cards face down and three cards face up.

This is the mark so you know where the Ace is in the deck.

Once you know the position of your Ace cards, divide the deck into two parts in that place.

You will show the audience the card to the first face down card.

Do this until four Aces cards are selected.

Magic card tricks: Four Ace cards’ ambition

Shuttle the deck in front of the audience randomly.

Four Aces cards are prepared and placed at the same position of the deck.

Your fingers will be flexible to flick Aces out the place of the audience sitting.

How to do card tricks for beginners

The fast and continuous movement will make the audience think of these Aces cards in a random position in the deck.

You can refer to the following link for more magic card tricks.

Magic card trick: Randomly selects four Ace cards

Four Ace cards are placed side by side and you note that these four cards cannot be shuffled.

Divide the card into two blocks, but the cards will be dealt according to the marked position so that each side has two Ace cards.

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Then, you will swap cards from the second Ace card down.

Just like that, you will select four Ace cards for the audience to see.

Magic card trick: Four Ace cards from a mess

First, you put four Ace cards at the beginning of the deck and at the bottom of the deck.

You will then shuffle between these four cards without mixing the Ace cards.

Use the hand motion to take out four Ace cards in turn for the audience to see.

Magic with simple exercises in each step, right?

For those of you who are just beginning to perform magic tricks with cards, gradually learn the magic tricks that you have introduced.

Good luck!

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