5 card magic trick with stripper deck

Magic with cards is certainly no stranger to everyone when watching magic.

Currently there are many card magic tricks. Here I will share with you magic tricks with good articles.

Flick the cards flying out

First, you shuffle the cards professionally.

Then, pick any card and continue shuffling.

You will mark the selected card and use a few tricks to flick the card flying aside.

Note that you need to take the action carefully.

Magic manipulations must be difficult for many of you.

Here I will guide you magic tricks with beginners articles in the article below.

Learn To Do 10 Card Magic Tricks For Beginner

Four cards are chosen at random but overlap

The four Poker cards are carefully arranged in previous order.

Then, you shuffle the cards but still get exactly four Poker cards.

In fact, initially you carefully arranged the cards in the predetermined order.

Note that highlighting needs to be done carefully and in the correct order.

Top 5 easy card tricks to do

The two-color boundary of the deck

You shuffle the cards randomly in front of a very professional first viewer.
Use a specially structured card to separate the deck from one red and one black.

The audience will think your actions are random but can choose the correct card color.

Random red cards

First, you professionally shuffle and then select a random number of cards at random.

You put a few cards on the table and see that they are all red.

Actually, you have marked the red card section from the beginning.

The chosen prophetic card

You rotate the cards and shuffle the cards into a mess that confuses the audience.

Then, you mark cards with a special Joker card.

You will take out the chosen one that makes the audience think it’s magical.

Note that highlighting needs to be handled skillfully.

Magic with the post is easy to perform but surprisingly surprises the viewers.

If you practice regularly, your ingenuity will definitely startle the audience from surprise to surprise.

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