Best close up magic tricks for beginners

Professional magicians will constantly make the audience speak out for his ingenuity and the surprise of the magic trick.

For those who are just starting out, becoming a great magician will be a bit difficult.

This article I will guide you to the beginners the closest magic tricks.

Magic trick: A sudden change of card

You need to prepare any two cards to do magic from the start.

These two cards are placed back to back so that they can change shape for the viewers to see.

You use your fingers to quickly swap the positions of two cards.

However, this magic game requires a pretty high skill from the magician.

The flicking movement to switch card positions will be a bit difficult for those just starting out in this game.

Magic trick: The magic book’s ability to change card shape

First, you need to prepare two different cards and a book. Placing two cards in two different positions in this book.

The first card will be placed against the cover of the book and show no pieces.

The second card will be partially revealed from the cover of the book.

As you proceed to flip the book, the second card will fall into the book.

At that moment, the first card will be thrown out of the book. This will leave the audience feeling the card has been changed.

Magic trick: Change the color of the cards by spreading cards

First, show your deck of cards with nothing unusual.

After that, you keep shuffling the cards to distract the audience’s attention.

You use a pair of scissors to cut off the top of the black cards.

Making the black cards shorter than the red ones will be the key to this magic trick.
Then, you alternate the red and black cards together.

When you spread cards from above, the shorter cards are indented and between the two higher cards.

At first, you spread the cards with inverted colors for the audience to preview.

Using scissors to cut the black and red cards into two triangles.

Then, you carefully use glue to attach the cut pieces to the whole card.

Note that when the cards are glued together, the bottom of all cards should be red.

You roll the cards again, but this time you will rotate the deck and reveal red pieces.

Magic trick: Messy cards change to the same color only

The audience will see all red cards from the start.

The key to this magic trick is that you line the black and red cards with glue.

Then, use scissors to cut into a triangle of the pasted cards and place the cut after the first red card on the right.

Use your hand to stroke and that hand will hold the cut out hand. At this point, the audience will only see red cards.

These close-up magic tricks will help you to imitate quickly.

Especially very beneficial for the learning of those who just started doing magic.

For sure, after reading this article you will find magic a lot easier.

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