Where to buy magic props online for beginner magician?

Where to buy magic props online? Magic props are a very important thing for magicians, just like a chef’s knife, an artist’s paintbrush.

Although it cannot be said that without magic props, magicians cannot perform magic, but certainly, no magician can deny its importance.

In the old days, buying magic props was extremely difficult

In the old days, owning a magic props was very difficult, even if you have money, you are not sure you can buy the magic props you want.

In the old days, when the internet was not popular, the secrets of magic tricks were very well secured and the production of magic props was often made by hand, in small quantities.

Magician in the old day

Magicians often teach more than selling magic props (this is actually a form of selling magic props, but comes with a detailed instruction service), and of course the price to learn is also quite high.

That’s why magicians in the old day was very serious about keeping magic tricks a secret. Magicians often had to make their own magic props if the old ones were damaged.

It can be said that buying magic props from the old days is not easy.

Today, you can sit at home and buy all the magic props you want online

Today, our world is a flat world, all magic secrets are public on the internet, two magicians can talk with each other even in two places thousands of kilometers away from each other.

Today, the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, making mass production of magic props easy, magic shops sprouting like mushrooms after rain.

Today, you can sit at home and buy all the magic props you want online

Today, you can sit at home and order whatever magic props you want with just a few clicks. You don’t even need to be a magician to order the magic props.

Some online magic shop for you to buy magic props

Human problems often arise when we have too many choices, we do not know which magic shop to choose for quality.

Some online magic shop for you to buy magic props

I firmly believe that you do not want to wait for 15 days and be disappointed to open the magic parcels you have ordered.

Here are five reputable online magic shops that you can rest assured to order:

Buy magic props online at Penguin Magic

Buy magic props online at Penguin MagicPenguin Magic may be the world’s largest online magician retailer. In that place you can find everything about magic. Penguin Magic is the online magic shop that has the best ship service.

However, since this is a “magic market”, anyone can post their magic ideas up there, so censorship will not be really good, sometimes you will waste money on things nonsense.


Buy magic props online at Vanishing Magic

Buy magic props online at Vanishing MagicVanishing Magic is a famous online magician shop (it’s next to Penguin Magic), this site also sells a lot of magic stuff, but has a much better selection.

The products at Vanishing Magic are usually carefully selected by their team, so you can be a little more secure than Penguin Magic.


Buy magic props online at Ellusionist

Buy magic props online at EllusionistEllusionist produces playing cards, DVDs, unique magic props only here.

While they don’t sell a lot of magic props, the services and products they provide are excellent.



Buy magic props online at Theory11

Buy magic props online at Theory11Theory11 also produces  playing cards, I feel they are similar to Ellusionist in the method of operation, the only difference is that they exploit two different groups of customers.

I like Ellusionist’s playing cards and like Theory11’s magic DVDs


Buy magic props online at 7MAGIC

Buy magic props online at 7MAGICYes, this is the magic shop I’m working on, so I don’t include my personal opinion, I just want you to know that we sell a lot of magic props around the world.

We also produce many unique magic props that I think you will like. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that customers often ask us, here are a few answers for your reference before deciding to order from online magic shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to ask about shipping costs?

Each online magic shop will have different ship prices.

It depends on the location of the buyer and seller, the service they use, the weight of the product …

Out of all the online magic shops, Penguin Magic has the best ship service and shipping costs.

How is the product quality?

Some online magic shops only sell the products they create, so if it’s a prestigious place, you can be assured.

Others sell imported products from many parts of the world, they cannot fully censor the quality of each product. Therefore, you need to consult carefully before buying.

Which magic props are the best?

Each person has a different favorite, can not take this person’s standards and impose on others.

However, in my opinion, I am a lover of card magic, so the Svengali deck is the best item I have ever known.

How long do I have to wait to receive magic props?

Similar to ship cost, it depends on many factors, it will fluctuate from one day to … 60 days. Make sure you are patient enough if you are in Asia and want to buy a magic props in the USA.

As a newbie, what magic props should I buy?

It depends on what you like, card magic, coin magic, stage magic?
But the advice for you is to buy the most basic and choose cheap things to practice before buying expensive magic props.

As a newbie, what magic props should I buy?


Nowadays, online magic shops are mushrooming after rain, buying magic props online is very easy. But that is accompanied by the implications of the reputation and quality of online magic shops.

Be a smart consumer and a smart magician, choose the online magician shops that you trust to buy the best magic props.

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