How to learn easy magic tricks without practice

A great card app for you who love doing card magic tricks.

Just an Android smartphone and a deck of cards in your hand will surprise everyone.

Predict the card to appear on the phone screen

First, shuffle your cards carefully and pick any card.

In front of the audience you choose any, but actually this is a pre-arranged card.

The selected card is already played face-up in the deck. With the Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier phone app, you’ll have those magical tricks.

Then you turn on that editor and capture it on the phone screen.

The card will appear on the phone screen as if the card was initially selected.

Here is a close-up of some magic tricks with the article for your reference.

How to do close up magic with cards

The prophesied card appeared in a mess

A card is selected at random from the shuffle from the start.

Still with the phone app loaded on Google Play, you’ll use it for this magic trick.

In the mess of cards on the phone screen will appear a card.

That card will perfectly match the card you prophesied to your audience.

Application can change cards

The phone application will randomly stop at a card as if it were drawing a lottery. Then, pick a random card from the deck.

In fact, the audience sees you picking at random, but you will take out the card placed from the front.

This card is placed close to the originally chosen card.

How to do card tricks easy for everyone

You will skillfully take out another card to match the card on the phone screen displayed.

After that, this app automatically changes to another card.

Magic chest on the card prophecy application

Shuffle the cards in a mess and take out the arranged card from the start.

Of course this card will be placed face-up in the deck for easy access.

Then, turn on the application that was introduced in the previous videos.

A chest will be displayed on the phone screen, the chest will slowly open and will display the card matching the card you have selected.

The card flew out from the broken screen

This phone application was introduced by me in the above videos and especially this application can display a black screen.

Then you use a single tap on the screen, this application will immediately have the effect of the screen.

At that moment, you pick up the card from the bottom of the phone to show the audience.

Remember that you must not reveal the card under your phone to avoid surprising your audience.

How to use this application to do magic is simple and does not cost anything.

You only need to practice hard and you will be successful in the performance right away!

Try on you guys!

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