5 self working card tricks easy to do

Nowadays, there are a lot of magic tricks introduced in the market with many different forms.

One of the magic tricks that everyone knows is magic trick with cards.

Today I will share with you simple magic tricks with cards.

The number one magic with cards

First you pick a card and shuffle it with other cards.

Then, you spread the deck into long streaks on the table and take out another card that’s facing up.

The audience will surely wonder where the original card went?

The truth is that the first card is covered by other cards.

Instead, the second card has been placed face-up in the deck and your task is to spread the card so that the audience can see it.

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The number two magic with cards

You let the audience choose a random card from the deck.

And that card will be shuffled with the other cards. Then, you spread the deck again on the table and see what number is the face up card.

You in turn count to the right of the card to the position equal to the number shown on the card.

The cards will be in order until the card is reunited with the same number as the card first seen.

The number three magic with cards

First, prepare two cards of the same color for the audience to easily observe.

Place two face-up cards in the first position of the deck and use hand flicking motion to create a surprise.

You then randomly select the first card and place it between the two cards you saw initially.

You will use shuffle action to replace a second card in place of the first card.

At this time, the audience still thinks that the second card is the first card.

When you turn the cards up, the audience will think there is magic to move the card from the center of the deck to the position between the original two cards.

The number four magic with cards

Still select a card at random and place it some distance from the deck.

Then, you use your index finger to flip the card back to the first position of the deck.

This time you will place the card in the center of the deck, but out a distance behind.

You still use your index finger to flick the card toward the other hand.

Surely the audience will think that the card can fly from one point to another.

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The number five magic with cards

First you will spread the cards on the table for the audience to see.

Then, you take the number one card and card number two in turn and place it on the table.

Use a magic motion that looks like you are swapping the soul of the first card with the second card.

Then, when you turn the card up, it is true that the two cards have swapped positions.

In fact, from the start we have prepared two identical cards and they are placed side by side on top of the same deck.

You just need to cover the third card so that the audience can see the first and second cards.

But ultimately you will take the second card and the third card and put it on the table.

Just a deck and a few clever moves we can have a very interesting magic game.

Practice your hands to be able to perform well the magic tricks that I have introduced.

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