How to do close up magic with cards

Magic performance instruments such as cards, magic sticks or pigeons,… have long been quite commendable to everyone.

Today I will share with you one of the above outstanding topics, which is magic with cards.

This article will share with you simple magic tricks with this cards.

Magic card trick: Get four ace cards out of a mess dice

Learn how to shuffle your mastery like a magician in the video. It will help you build trust in your audience.

First, prepare four Ace cards in advance and place them on either side of the deck.

Next you just need to throw the deck to the side to get two Ace cards.

Likewise, your hand movement will deftly move the cards back and forth so the audience can feel the wonder of why it is possible to take out four Ace cards from the deck.

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How to learn sleight of hand with cards

Magic card trick: Balance the card on the phone

For this magic trick, we need to prepare a card box and cell phone.

Putting a balanced empty card box on the phone will certainly be difficult.

Therefore, you need to prepare a few more coins and put them in the card box.

Then you place the card on top of the phone easily.

Magic card trick: A magic plastic transforms the form of the card

First, you spread the table on the table and choose any card.

Use a pen to mark the card and shuffle the card into the deck.

This card will be placed next to the Red Six to easily deceive the audience.

You then place your initial marked card on the pre-prepared props.

With the special construction of this magic plastic, the viewer can only see the red Six at first.

It will then gradually transform into the shape of the original marked card.

How to do card magic tricks for beginners

Magic card trick: Red cards turn blue cards

First, you will shuffle the cards face-up and choose a card to mark on it.

Place the card in the center of the deck and continue shuffling the cards face up.

After turning the deck, the audience will be surprised to see all the blue cards.

Only one red card is the card marked from the beginning.

This magic trick requires dexterity in clever shuffling.

Every time you stop and show the audience what color card is behind, you will take out the red card.

Magic card trick: A double-sided card

First, prepare two cards of different colors.

These two cards are placed with their backs facing each other.

After handing the card towards the deck, you quickly turn the other side of the card over.

Viewers will only see that the color card changes quickly without a hint of suspicion.

Magic performance with cards is simple, but it created many surprises for the audience, right?

Surely, after performing the above magic tricks, you will reach a much higher level of magic.

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