Top 5 close up magic coin tricks easy to do

When most people hear about the magic, they will think it’s very difficult. There are actually a lot of extremely simple magic tricks.

Here I will guide you some simple magic tricks with coins.

Crumbling a coin with one hand

Place the coin in the palm of your hand and rub it evenly for a few seconds. What a surprise!

When you open your hand the coin disappears.

In fact, the movement of the coin in the palm of the hand is just a gesture.

Your other hand will hold the coin without being seen by the audience while the other hand is still crushing the coin.

The key to this magic trick is the act of crumpling a coin and holding the coin in the other hand without showing to the audience.

Magic disappearing coin with tape

Pass the coin back and forth with your hands to let the audience see that there is nothing in your hand.

Then use one hand to insert the coin into the palm of the other hand.

In fact, we just make the act of shoving a coin in the palm of the hand.

Meanwhile our hand moves the coin toward the glue glued to the back of our hand.

Take care not to let the audience see the glue on the back of your hand.

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Two white hands turned out the coin

Rub your white hands evenly for a few seconds.

Then the coin suddenly appeared in the palm of the hand.

In fact, you just need to use two fingers to clamp the coin below and use the hand rub to get the coin on the palm of your hand.

Likewise, do a hand rub to hold a coin between two fingers.

Take care not to let the audience see the other side of the hand that is hiding the coin.

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Magic hand turns out coin

Use your middle finger and thumb to rub it well.

After a few seconds, a coin appeared between these two fingers.

Actually, the coin was clamped by the index finger from before.

The finger rub is to bring the coin to the front.

Take care not to let the audience see your index finger is holding the coin.

The magic pencil is like a magic stick that vanishes the coin

First, you type a few coins with a lead.

What a strange! The coin suddenly disappeared.

In fact, when a pencil hits a coin, we have a slight flick of the hand to make the coin fly and grab the coin with a pencil.

Audience will think that the coin disappears thanks to the magic pencil.

Coin magic tricks may seem magical but the way is very simple.

Please practice regularly to be able to do coin magic smoothly!

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