5 close up magic tricks for sale

This article will introduce you to more about the magic props that are often used for performances.

Please rest assured about the price and the search to buy as all the props I recommend will be found at most magic shops.

Magic trick: Water bottle is self-healing

A soft drink bottle and a magic plastic box will be the main tools for this magic trick.

Best close up magic tricks for beginners

With the special structure of the water bottle, it can be disassembled as needed.

When you insert the clear plastic to cut the water, push it aside to remove it.

After that, reattach the liquid and take the water bottle out of the box to show the audience that the bottle is still intact.

Magic trick: The pen pierces the card

The card is designed to have a hole and you will turn the green appearance of the card out to the audience.

Your task is to put the pencil in the correct position to prove that the pencil pierces the card.

How to do close up magic card disappear

To take your audience completely by surprise, you won’t have the spectator directly touch the hole in the card.

Magic trick: Thumblight

The following magic tricks will work best when performed in the dark.

First, place the glow device on your fake finger.

Then, you will pass the prosthetic finger to another hand and thread it through the leg.

When you bring your finger to your mouth to blow you will not turn on the light switch to let the audience believe that you blew the light out.

Magic trick: Dancing cane prop

First, you will perform some moves with the magic trick, such as rotating the cane without touching, holding the stick with one finger.

You can rotate the club around many times without using your hands.

The key to this magic trick is the invisible string that connects your hand to the stick.

Controlling the string will be a bit difficult for beginners because the rope is too fragile.

The skillful fingers of the hand control the movement of the stick.

Magic trick: A magic plastic transforms the form of the card

You spread the table on the table and choose any card.

Use a pen to mark the card and shuffle the card into the deck.

This card will be placed next to the Red Six to easily deceive the audience.

You then place your initial marked card on the pre-prepared props.

With the special construction of this magic plastic, the viewer can only see the red Six at first.

It will then gradually transform into the shape of the original marked card.

These props can be found in most magic goods stores.

Let’s quickly choose to own yourself these magical items!

Be sure to have them then you will perform successfully.

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