8 Fun And Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

The kids will surely enjoy and enjoy the magic tricks. The best part is when they perform by themselves.

Here I will introduce to you some magic tricks for children.

Magic note

The audience will select any object on the table.

There will be three pictures of those objects in the notebook and the magician’s task is to remember clearly the location of the object the audience chooses is on which page of the book.

Note do not remember the wrong place in the notebook.

You can refer to some more magic tricks for kids in the article below.

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Cut cards can be revived

The first time you put the card in the paper box, the audience sees the card cut to pieces, but it’s actually just a pre-cut card.

An intact card will overlap the pre-cut card, giving the impression that the card is cut.

Note that you cannot always pull out the cut cards.

The white book turned into a story page

At first, the audience sees only blank pages of paper in the notebook but then sees colored pictures in the notebook.

In fact, the magician needs to remember exactly the page of the number book has white paper and color pictures

Top Simple Magic Trick 4 Kids To Do

The magic fan assembled from many pieces

Obviously the audience will see lots of individual fan pieces but turn into an intact fan.

In fact, when you pull it to the right, the fan will stay the same, and when you pull it to the left, the fan will turn into pieces.

Note that you cannot pull the wrong side because that will be exposed.

Sealed box contains magic ball

The transparent glass box was tied tightly with two elastic but the ball could still be inside.

In fact, the box has an empty target and you will place the ball in the open part of the box while you put the red scarf on.

Of course, you can not lack a few manipulations to make the audience feel strange.

The card moves the dummy

Your hand will do some magic moves, but actually the finger behind the card controls the animation in front of the card.

An almost transparent string that is hard to see is attached to the back of the card for easy control.

Rods fly into the air

Place a heart in the center of the card and do some magic tricks.

The other hand then bends the card and your hand will pull up the transparent wire so that the stick is lifted from the card.

The ball can move through space

Using your hand to rub the ball, the ball suddenly disappeared but appeared in the box on the table.

Actually in the box already had a small ball.

The act of rubbing the ball is cleverly made to drop the ball onto the ground without the audience seeing it.

These simple yet fun magic tricks are sure to make children enjoy exploring and learning more and more new things.

Let your children and grandchildren do good regularly to achieve high results.

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