9 Magic Tricks Kids Can Perform

To everyone’s eyes, magic tricks seem difficult for children.

There are actually a lot of extremely simple magic tricks that children can perform.

Here I will introduce to you magic tricks for children to perform.

Metal rings hooked together

Metal bracelets can be threaded together. This is hard to believe, right!

Actually there is a gap between the rings and you cover the place with your hand until you knock on another metal ring.

Take care not to let the audience see the gaps of the rings.

The iron box turns out a lovely cake

The iron box has a special structure.

The mousse cake is hidden on the large lid.

When you place the lower box on the large lid and screw one, the cake will pop out.

You can refer to some more magic tricks with simple articles for children according to the below article.

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A dollar bill turns into two dollar bills

First, you use scissors to cut the bill to show the audience.

Suddenly, two parts of the bill were cut into two notes.

In fact, we used glue to stick two notes together and cut the bill in half and the audience would see the notes together.

5 Easy Magic Tricks For Little Kids

The magic wallet sparks fire

First, you open your wallet and immediately there is a fire.

It’s amazing, right!

Actually, the middle of the wallet has a special structure to spit out fire.

Note that you only show your audience the remaining compartments of your wallet to ensure the magic runs smoothly.

The magic stick turns into a red rose

The stick is specially constructed with a rubber band to hold the red flower inside.

When you create the act of turning out a flower, your hand will let go of the elastic to let the flower expand.

Take care not to let the audience see the hidden elastic.

Cut cards can regenerate

The first time you put the card in the paper box, the audience sees the card cut to pieces, but it’s actually just a pre-cut card.

An intact card will overlap the pre-cut card, giving the impression that the card is cut.

Book of prophecy

There are three objects on the table and the audience will be given any choice.

The notebook will foretell exactly what the audience chooses thanks to its special construction.

The magician will remember the location of the item the audience chooses and turn the notebook properly.

The white book turned into a story page

At first, the audience sees only blank pages of paper in the notebook but then sees colored pictures in the notebook.

In fact, the magician needs to remember exactly the page of the number book has white paper and color pictures.

The magic fan assembled from many pieces

Obviously the audience will see lots of individual fan pieces but turn into an intact fan.

In fact, when you pull it to the right, the fan will stay the same, and when you pull it to the left, the fan will turn into pieces.

Note that you cannot pull the wrong side because that will be exposed.

Magic tricks are amazing, but it’s easy to do right.

Please practice regularly to be skilled

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