Top 7 Easy Magic Tricks With Coins Will Make People Happy And Surprised

Coin magic is a great genre of magic, coin is a very familiar item for everyone, so doing magic with coins has never been outdated.

An interesting fact is that to perform magic tricks with coins, you often have to spend a lot of time practicing.

Unlike cards magic, there is no “seft working” in coin magic, merely skills and practice.

However, there are some magic props that can help you do simple tricks with coins without spending too much time practicing.

Coin Paddle Produces Endless

A magic props that brings the illusion of a coin into countless coins. This is one of the first magic tricks I have learned and until now it is still one of the interesting magic tricks to perform for everyone.

To do this magic trick, you need to spend some time to practice the technique “flip face”. At the same time, in my personal experience, this magic trick is very suitable for combining with funny lines.

Magic Tricks With Coin Piercing Cup

This is one of my favorite magic tricks, it brings the effect of coins going through glass mysteriously.

The interesting thing is that you can use any glass that fix with prop, and after the performance, you can let the audience check everything.

Magic Tricks With Coin Funnel

The coin goes through the coin, and when the two coins go through each other, it creates a great sound effect to surprise the audience.

The audience not only saw, but also heard this magic trick. This increased the effect of the magic trick. Also, after performing, you can let the audience check on the magic props at ease.

Scotch and Soda Easy Two Coin Magic Tricks

This is the best coin magic on this list, and this trick performs right in the audience’s hands.

Do you believe that, when the audience holds hands, in some way, magicians can still get coins in the audience’s hands … without even touching their hands.

Miracle Coin Lightning Box

The coin goes through 3 layers of boxes and into a small bag carefully tied by an elastic band.

To do this magic trick, you first need to practice some basic movements in coin magic.

Coin Thru Rubber Sheet Into Cup

An illusion of a coin going through a piece of rubber is very interesting. This magic trick does not require any skills. You only need to prepare before perform.

However, to create this illusion, the rubber piece is easily damaged, sometimes the magician can only perform two to three times and will not be able to use it anymore.

Disappear The Coin Magic Tricks

Disappearing coins is a simple magic trick but has an intuitive and wonderful effect.

There are many techniques to make a coin disappear, there are also many magic props that support this magic trick.

While these magic props with coins will make it easier for you to do magic tricks with coins. But you should also take some time to practice smoothly.

With the best magic trick, but if you’re not performing well, it won’t be good either. But even the most ordinary magic tricks, if you act it well, it will bring great effects.

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