7 Easy Magic Tricks for Children To Do

Parents can enhance children’s intelligence and health by guiding their children to learn magic.

Here I will introduce to parents many simple and interesting magic tricks for children.

The can disappears with the scarf

First, you put the can in the box. Then wrap it up with a red scarf and the can instantly disappeared.

The can is actually empty and has a removable lid.

The move of pulling the scarf out took away the lid, making the audience feel the can disappeared.

Magic puzzle piece

From many small color puzzle pieces can be assembled into one large piece in the blink of an eye.

First, you take out small pieces and show them to your audience.

Then, you do some magic tricks and stick those pieces behind the large paper that you originally prepared.

Taking care not to expose the back of the paper.

You can refer to a few simple games for children in the following article.

Top 5 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do

The giant card metamorphosed in an instant

The card shapes are designed for easy movement.

By manipulating the card animations with our hands, we can easily change the card’s suit.

Be careful not to change the wrong picture on the card.

The giant card turns the color of the deck

The red giant card matches the color of the empty box.

When you put the cover of the card in the deck and unpack the box, the audience will think the giant hybrid card disappears from the box.

Be careful not to reveal the card box when the cards are face down.

8 Fun And Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

The magic stick turns into a red rose

The stick is specially constructed with a rubber band to hold the red flower inside.

When you create the act of turning out a flower, your hand will let go of the elastic to let the flower expand.

Take care not to let the audience see the hidden elastic.

A dollar bill turns into two dollar bills

First, you use scissors to cut the bill to show the audience.

Suddenly, two parts of the bill were cut into two notes.

In fact, we used glue to stick two notes together and cut the bill in half and the audience would see the notes together.

Magic zinc bar chanted cards

First, you let the audience choose any card.

Then you use the lighter to burn the zinc rod into your chosen audience card.

In fact, we have pre-selected the Seven-card card and shaped the bar of zinc according to the Seven-card card

Let the children practice together to be able to perform professionally while performing.

Believe that you will feel extremely excited about these exciting magic tricks.

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