How to do close up cardiographic magic tricks

The magic tricks which are introduced today will be cardiographic magic tricks.

The game was performed by many famous people, with David Copperfield and a magician joining America’s Got Talent.

Cardiographic magic trick at America’s Got Talent 2016

At America’s Got Talent 2006, Jon1 Dorenbos Philly Eagle Magician showed excellent magic with the card.

Let’s learn with him to do this magic trick.

At the first time, he lets the judges pick any card in the deck.

Then, he would predict the card by drawing a notebook.

Suddelny, he continued to draw another card which was printed on the box.

Finally, the original card the audience chooses will be taken from that box.

Cardiographic magic trick on the street

It is still a magic trick introduced as above, but the form of performance is no longer performed on the stage, but performed on the street.

We will learn how to magic this game in detail.

First of all, you draw a picture of a deck of cards on a pocket notepad.

A selected card rises from the drawing.

You hand it out as a memorable souvenir of the magic moment.

Self-contained, angle-proof and a fast reset, makes it perfect for restaurant and strolling engagments.

You can refer to some of the magic tricks of the famous magicians of the year in the link below.

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Cardiographic magic trick at home

Spread cards on the table under the dim light to make the magic trick more mysterious.

Only the viewer knows what card it is.

Then the magician will pick up the notebook and draw a card pattern on it.

How to do close up magic card disappear

The key to this magic trick is that there is a gap in the notebook that can fit a piece of paper drawing the shape of the card.

Through this gap you can use a clear string to pull the card up.

Cardiographic magic trick tutorial

Show the audience the deck and the cards inside first.

Only the viewer sitting below knows what card it is.

The magician then picks up the notebook and there is no card on that notebook, but only the cover of the deck.

The magician pretends to be pulling a card with his hand.

It was the gap in the paper that allowed him to fit a sheet of paper drawing the shape of the card.

If we do not know how to perform this magic trick, we will inevitably rub our eyes many times while watching.

Surprising your audience with these little tricks is truly meaningful and helps you to be more admired by all audiences.

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