How to do changing card’s color tricks for beginners

Currently, the card magic tricks have quickly become popular with audiences with a various of form.

One of the magic tricks that makes viewers constantly surprised is the magic of changing the card color.

Please read the article below to learn more about this magic trick.

Magic card trick: Propeller with cards that changes cards’ color

First, prepare two cards and put them on top of each other.

Note that you should use two cards of different colors so that the audience can clearly see the change in the color of the card.

In the video, I will use the first card is red, the second card is black.

Get the rest of the cards arranged in a propeller shape it will be your main tool to help you complete this magic trick!

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When the propeller is raised to hide the two cards you have originally prepared, quickly remove the red card.

At that moment, the audience only saw the black card.

Magic card trick: A double-sided card

Still prepare two cards of different colors, but this time you will place two cards with their backs facing each other.

Hand-rotating the cards in a blink of an eye will swap two cards together.

How to do magic tricks with cards

The audience is most likely to spot that you turned the card in reverse.

Magic card trick: The magic hand changes the color of the card

With the following magic trick only need two cards of different color only and your skillful hands.

It would be great for those with big hands to perform this trick to conceal the card in the palm of your hand.

A black card was hidden in the palm of the hand from before. As soon as you turn your hand on the red card, stack the two cards into one.

Continue to rotate the hands together and bring the red card into the palm of the hand.

The audience will be surprised to see the card change from black to red.

Magic card trick: The red card disappears in midair

The two main tools in this magic trick are still two different cards stacked. Red cards will be placed in front of black card.

Then, you use your other hand to pass two cards at once and at that moment, you remove the red card.

You must hide the red card very carefully because when the color of the card changes, the audience will pay close attention to your hand being applied to the card.

Magic card trick: Rotate to change card color

This magic game essentially involves rotating the card to change the card color.

You will prepare several cards of different colors first.

As soon as the cards are folded into the palm of your hand, quickly change the positions of the cards.

The card that the audience has just seen will be swapped to instantly create a strange feeling for the viewer.

As soon as you watch the video, you will find it simple to perform these magic tricks, right?

However, you need to practice carefully to deceive the audience.

Wish you all success performing these magic tricks!

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