Top 20 Magic Trick For Kid That They Can Learn Easy

Children always love the mystery and curiosity about all the strange things around.

Most of the child-stimulating weirdness often comes from magic.

Here I will guide you through super easy magic tricks for kids.

The weirdness of the jumbled cards

You divide the cards into several blocks on the table and choose any block.

Playing the cards of the selected block one by one. Surprisingly, the last four cards are all Poker.

Next choose any card you want and shuffle the cards. Then you spread the card on the table, the card is turned up to be five hearts.

The first card we choose is fifth card.

You then divide the card into two blocks and play a two-block into two equal rows with four blocks in turn.

The result was unexpected that the last four leaves were Hearts King.

A magic card

You will open your mouth to give the impression of taking a piece of the card.

A few seconds later, you blow into the card and magically return to its original shape.

How do you put a key bigger than a bottle neck into a bottle?

Very easy, guys! This key has a special structure with two stretchable key sides.

It should be easy to squeeze the sides of the key and put it in the bottle. It’s so simple that it seems like there is magic right!

Pencils change color

First, you use two elastic bands to tie up the transparent box and spread the red scarf over the box.

Then hit the ball with the box and immediately the ball goes into the box.

You put black pencils into the magic case and shake them up.

Then, opening the magic case, it is discovered that the pencil has changed color to red.

In fact, the small and short red pencil is inserted into the black pencil.

The empty bag contains many objects

At first, we observe that the notebook does not see any drawing words on it.

After that, you guys rotate the notebook a few times. A strange thing happened!

The book with many funny drawings appeared.

Obviously we see the bag is completely empty but takes a lot of things out of the bag.

Explain that the boxes come from the foldable bag and that the material is the same as the bag. It is placed at the bottom of the box giving the feeling that the bag is empty

The magic tricks that seem to be very happy turn out to be very simple and easy to do.

Viewers seem to be witness a very strange and elaborate magic.

Please practice regularly to master the manipulation and perform in a more professional way!

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