Magic tricks with light up thumb tip magic props

Nowadays, the phrases d-lite word, dlite thumbtip word, … are searched a lot on Google.

Everyone’s curiosity about this magic trick was growing.

So, today I write this article to share some useful knowledge about this magic trick for you.

This magic trick will be performed in the dark to increase the effect of glowing fingertips.

Step 1 with light up thumb tip magic props

The glowing thumb will be passed from this hand to other hand, threaded through the legs.

The act of passing between hands will make the audience constantly surprised.

The main props for performing this magic trick are the lighting device and the fake finger.

Step 2 with light up thumb tip magic props

At the first, you put the glowing device in your fake thumb.

It would be better if you use devices in both hands to add more excitement to this magic trick.

Then, you turn on the switch to light up the device and immediately turn off to switch to the other hand.

Similarly for the other hand, you turn on the light to show the audience and immediately turn off.

Step 3 with light up thumb tip magic props

To add more drama for the magic trick, you thread your hand over your left leg and then your right leg.

When you bring your fake finger to your mouth, you pretend to blow the light out.

At that moment, you turn off the switch of this glowing device.

The audience will definitely think that you’ve blown out the light and your finger will continue to glow after that.

Step 4 with light up thumb tip magic props

This game is extremely effective when you are not exposing your nails to your audience.

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If the audience detects an abnormality on this finger, they will immediately check your finger.

By rhat way, our magic trick will be revealed at that moment.

Therefore, this magic trick should be performed in the dark, but the audience can still see the magician faintly.

Part of it is that we can cover up fake fingers when performing in the dark.

It’s true that just performing in the dark can dramatically increase the effectiveness of magic tricks.

Regarding light and fire, you can refer to the magic tricks introduced in the following link.

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If you are still unfamiliar with this magic trick, then do not hesitate anymore, quickly get yourself these props and practice regularly.

You can perform anywhere, at home or go to small parties, … but pay attention not to let the audience detect your finger.

Good luck!

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