Top 5 magic props you can buy in magic store

To do magic professionally you need a lot of props to perform.

Here I will introduce to you the most basic magic tricks with the most basic props that can be purchased from the magic item store.

Two-compartment bag and eggs

A red bag and some pre-prepared eggs.

The bag has a special construction with a separate egg compartment and an empty compartment for spectators.

You take the eggs one after another from the egg compartment and reopen the empty compartment for the audience to see.

Many magicians will choose popular props that are sold at many famous shops.

With only the above tools, you will have an interesting magic trick.

Please refer to the following article for more info.

5 selected magic props that all magicians like

Mysterious black box with coins and dice

A black box with a drawer with lots of coins and dice.

You tap on the box a few times and see the objects disappear.

In fact, a specially constructed box can hide objects in and pull out an empty compartment.

Dice and coins and a black drawer with a black box will be sold at many magic stores.

Transparent mirror and red scarf

First, you put the mirror in the box and put the red towel in the box.

Shake the box once and the mirror disappears.

In fact, the magician needs to skillfully take out the mirror with the scarf.

Rubik’s block and rubik’s mount

You use a black box stacked with mixed colored rubics.

Actually the rubic with mixed color is just a box and it will be superimposed on the black case.

Then simply take out the six colored rubies with the six faces.

Magic cigarette pack

You hold a pack of cigarettes tucked into a black box. What a surprise! The pack is gone.

In fact, cigarette packs have a structure that can be stacked in a black box.

Take care not to reveal the black box under the package.

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Magic Props Floating Ring magic trick

Simple and affordable magic tricks can be found in many magic shops.

You will be spoiled for performing magic tricks with these easy-to-find items.

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