Top 5 Magic Props Can Make Magic Trick With Fire

One of the most admirable achievements of magicians is performing dangerous magic tricks with fire.

People were confused just by hearing the fire, so they would be extremely admired when they were able to see them with their eyes.

Here I will introduce to you the professional equipment to perform with fire.

Magic trick: The wallet ignites itself

Wallet on fire! Sound horror, right?

This wallet is made up of two compartments, an empty one for audiences to see, and one for performances.

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Use a pre-prepared chemical vegetarian into the pads that come pre-installed in your wallet.

Then the wallet will catch fire, frightening the viewer.

Magic trick: Gloves keep fire

First of all, you need to immerse four gloves in a prepared solution.

Then, you put on two gloves on each side and do the candle light up.

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Since the gloves have been soaked with the solution before, we will easily spread the fire to our two fingers, … and the whole hand.

Magic trick: Rose blooms in fire

The rose tree is a magic tool that can be removed.

At the first time, you pull down the rose and hide it in the palm of your hand.

Then, at the top of the flower you will pour out the solution to burn up.

After it burns, you will use your hand to stroke the flower from the palm of your hand.

This makes many people mistakenly believe that the fire had turned into a flower.

Magic trick: Catching fire in the air makes candles burn

At first glance at this show, everyone thought the magician was having magic.

The questions “Why can a candle glow when nothing is needed to light ?” were asked.

All these problems are solved because these are just electronic candles and you only need to press the switch to make them glow.

However, it is also quite important that you act in a way that the audience believes.

Magic trick: The flame turns into a bill

Firstly, you fold the bill very small and hold it in the palm of your hand.

Then use the lighter to burn the small piece of nylon, you put it in the palm of your hand and turn it off.

At that moment, you have to quickly take out the note for the audience to see.

The moves to perform the above magic tricks must be quick or easy to detect.

It’s great if you dare to face the dangerous fire to create wonderful magic tricks.

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