Magic tricks Revealed: 7 Magic Tricks That Simple But Amazing

There is always a lot of controversy in revealing magic tricks, many magicians consider it an act of disrespect for the magic art.

Ignoring those arguments, there’s an undeniable truth, revealed magic tricks is an important factor to help magic develop more.

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s a fact, I don’t want to go into too much detail here, maybe in another article, I’ll talk in more detail about this.

My personally, I only support the revealed of old magic tricks, it is the foundation for many magicians today, helping them created new magic tricks better and better.

Today, I will reveled 7 magic tricks that are very simple but will definitely surprise you.

Magic tricks Revealed: Bottle Through Table

An interesting magic trick to do in bars, I am sure you will surprise many people with this magic trick.

The interesting thing is that you can use almost all types of beer bottles found in bars. And you can let the audience check things out after the show.

Magic tricks Revealed: Small Deck Magic

This is a controversial magic trick, some people find it great, others find it awful.

It’s simply a magic effect that turns a normal sized deck into a small deck.

It sounds intriguing, but honestly I’m not surprised to see this magic for the first time. (Although I didn’t know its secret at the time)

Magic tricks Revealed: Pencil and Bill

There are some magic tricks, even though when you know its secret, you will still be surprised to see others perform. And even, you are surprised at the secret you know.

This is such a magic trick. This magic trick was once performed by David Copperfield in front of thousands of audience and surprised them.

Magic tricks Revealed: Strange Dice

This is my favorite magic trick because of its humor. It’s a way of getting the audience’s attention by saying, “I’ll teach you this magic trick.”

In fact, you teach them an interesting thing, but it’s not the magic trick you’re doing, but it still gets the attention of the audience and surprises them.

Magic tricks Revealed: Deck to Anything

This is my favorite magic trick of the 7 magic tricks. I like card magic, and a magic trick that turns the deck into everything is a great thing for me.

I could start my performance by turning the blue deck into red and starting performing.

Magic tricks Revealed: Freezing Water

This is a magic trick performed by a lot of magicians, especially for children.

The magician Cyril performed this magic for African children during his tour.

This magic requires a lot of interaction with the audience, if interact well, you can make the audience happy and surprised at the same time.

Magic tricks Revealed: Flower and Ring

Flowers and rings are two things women love. It would be great to combine these two things through a magic trick.

The flower blossomed and inside a flower appeared a ring, surely your audience will be happy because of this romantic magic trick.

I have just revealed to you the secret of 7 simple but surprising magic tricks. Which magic trick most interesting?

I really like watching magic revealed videos, through which I can draw many lessons and ideas for myself.

Of course, for the new magic tricks, I respect the creativity of magicians, I’m willing to spend money to learn it from the DVDs or books they publish.

But for old magic tricks, I wonder if you would like to learn something from someone who didn’t create it and have to pay for them, while you can completely learn it for free?

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