How to do close up magic card disappear

Don’t think magic is something so sublime and difficult to approach.

Magic may be a real science, but it can also be entertaining for everyone.

Here, I’ll share with you some easy-to-do magic card tricks that you can do at home.

Note number 1 makes the card disappear

The following magic trick is quite special with the way to disappear the cards with your hands and feet.

Placing any card on your thigh and rub it over your thigh continuously.

It is very benefical if your hand has some glue and sweat to breathe the card into the palm of your hand.

Best close up magic tricks for beginners

Note number 2 that makes the card disappear

Rubing the card repeatedly on the jeans cloth creates friction that causes the card and your hand to heat up, at which point the hand will easily hit the card.

However, your hand should still use some glue to prevent the card from falling off your lap.

Top 5 close up magic tricks with cards

At first glance, this magic trick is quite simple but requires a high level of skill in performers.

This is a skill trick that a lot of magicians do with cards.

Note number 3 makes the card disappear

In fact, this magic trick can be done with just one card and more if you want.

This is a card disappearing technique that any magician knows, I’m sure.

If you know some of the little tricks of card-disappearing magic tricks, I’m sure you’ll do it with relief.

The way to disappear and then reappear, a single card, is simple as well as quite interesting.

Note number 4 that makes the card disappear

If you want to work with multiple cards at once, that’s fine, you’ll need to spend months practicing.

It’s as simple as seeing and hiding certain cards.

However, we must choose the right cards to perform for the viewers to see.

For example, you can choose two cards of different color so that the viewers can see clearly the disappearance of the card.

Many viewers will be very surprised when watching this magic trick, let’s memorize how to do it and try it out right away.

The rest is that you just need to practice hard every day to be as skillful as the great magicians.

Have a successful show!

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