Top 10 easy magic tricks with cards you can do at home

Don’t think of magic as something so sublime and hard to approach. Magic can be a real science, but it can also be a hobby for everyone.

Here, I will reavealed magic tricks with you, the top 10 easy magic tricks to do with cards you can do at home.

Super fast card changing color magic trick

This was my first sleight of hand card trick I learned with the deck. Actually, this magic trick that can be done with only 2 cards.

But with a deck of cards, we can hide the card to be changed. This is a card color change technique that any magician knows, I’m sure.

Magic tricks with cards: Disappear and reappear a card

I don’t practice Card Manipulation but I know a few tricks in this subject.

The method of disappearing then reappears the card, only a single card, simple as well as quite interesting.

And if you want to work with multiple cards at once, that’s fine, you’ll need to spend months practicing.

Very Easy Magic tricks with 4 Aces

This Magic tricks with cards is quite easy, just a few addition, subtraction and the magic number is 3.

Many audiences will be surprised to see this cards magic trick, learn how to do it and give it a try.

Magic cards prediction and 4 Aces

This is a magic trick with cards based on a keycard method . Its end is more surprising to the audience than the magician finds out the card the audience chooses.

A little tip is that you can change 4 Aces into 5, 4, 3, 2, A and find out the audience selected. As if you were counting down a miracle.

Magic to find the card the audience chose

This was the first seft working cards trick I learned, even then I didn’t even know what I learned called card tricks.

Simply look and pay attention to the direction of certain cards. However, some cards have the same two-direction, we must pick the appropriate cards.

Color changes: the CLassic card color change

This is the most classic card color changer in card magic. Even the name of this card trick is Classic Color Change.

I bet $ 1 that this is the first cards sleight of hand learned by many magicians.

False Shuffle and Control Cards – Version 1

This is not really a cards magic trick, but of course you can act it as a cards magic trick and you can surprise many people.

This move helps you control the cards on top of the deck in a simple and quick way. The purpose of this movement is to help you keep the setup you want.

False Shuffle and Control Cards – Version 2

Similar to the previous move, this is how we maintain the position of the cards at the top of the deck.

This move called Hindu Shuffle, is less common in the United States, but more common in Asian countries.

Card Flick: Find card of audiences – Version 1

I learned this cards trick on a DVD nearly 10 years ago. When I first saw this magic trick, I was surprised.

I wonder how he could appear my card out of the deck and make it turn over.

Card Flick: Find card of audiences – Version 2

If I had to choose the TOP 1 of 10 magic tricks, I have to say that my favorite magic trick is this one.

I often combine this move with many other card magic tricks to create an interesting and amazing performance.

Out of the top 10 easy magic tricks to do with cards that you can do at home that you just shared with you, which magic trick do you like best? Personally, I like the last cards magic trick.

Although the 10 magic tricks with the cards above are easy, but you also have to spend some time to practice. Be persistent and you may surprise people.

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