5 Close up Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends Girls

When guys want to score points in the eyes of girls but don’t know how, this article is for you.

In the following, I will introduce to men magic tricks to impress girls.

Magic rose for girlfriend

Firstly, you hold the elastic and the flower in one hand and the box in the other.

You jerk off the handle of the stick and let go of the flower in your hand.

Your girlfriend will think the stick has turned into a red rose and will definitely love this.

Note that you should not reveal the hidden flower in your hand.

The scarf turns red

First you put the yellow towel in your fake finger.

Then, continue to pull out the red towel from the fake finger.

When you insert the yellow scarf into your fake finger, you need to be careful not to expose it.

You need to prepare a coin and clip it under your two fingers.

Then, you do some magic tricks that look vague.

Your hiccup will pull the coin up from the bottom of your hand.

Note that the coin should be lifted carefully.

Turned out birthday cake for girlfriend

The box is specially constructed with a large lid that can hide a sponge cake in it.

When a man turns the lid, immediately a three-tier cream cake with colorful color will pop out in front of the woman.

You will definitely score impressive points in her eyes there.

Note that the lid rotation needs to be done skillfully.

Easy close up magic card tricks will make your friends surprise

The white book turns out a comic book

First, you show up the white book to show female friends.

Then, you proceed to flip each page of the notebook for your girlfriend to see.

Surely you will also feel very excited by these funny animals.

Of course, the more surprised your girlfriend is and doesn’t believe her eyes, the more points you will score in her eyes.

Please refer to the link below for more interesting magic tricks.

Five Close up Magic Tricks Will Blow Your Mind

Magic disappearing coin with tape

Pass the coin back and forth with your hands to let the audience see that there is nothing in your hand.

Then use one hand to insert the coin into the palm of the other hand.

In fact, we just make the act of shoving a coin in the palm of the hand.

Meanwhile our hand moves the coin toward the glue glued to the back of our hand.

Take care not to let the audience see the glue on the back of your hand.

Men try to practice well to surprise their girlfriends.

Be skillful in each movement to make the female friend not detect the trick, guys.

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