Top 5 close up magic revealed for everyone

Magic through the eyes of the viewers full of mystery but extremely attractive.

Surely there are many people who watch magic constantly wondering how magic is possible.

Today I will share with you close-up magic tricks and instructions on how to do these magic tricks in detail.

Magic trick: Magic bill cannot be pierced

The props to be prepared are a bill, a pencil and a blank piece of paper.

Then, you fold the bill and the blank paper in half.

Use the tip of a sharp pencil to stick between the note and the folded white paper.

The note is folded into a small piece so that the pencil can be stabbed into the white paper through the fold.

Finally, you show the unbroken note to the viewers.

Magic trick: The card changes shape in the blink of an eye

First, you prepare any two cards to do magic.

These two cards are placed back to back so that they can change shape for the viewers to see.

You use your fingers to quickly swap the positions of two cards.

This magic game requires a pretty high skill from the magician.

Especially the flicking movement to switch card positions will be a bit difficult for those just starting out in this game.

Best close up magic tricks for beginners

Magic trick: Black cards turn red cards

You spread the cards with inverted colors for the audience to preview.

Then, use scissors to cut the black and red cards into two triangles.

Use glue to attach the cut pieces to the whole card.

Note that when the cards are glued together, the bottom of all cards should be red.

You roll the cards again, but this time you will rotate the deck and reveal red pieces.

Magic trick: Cards placed upright can maintain balance

First, take the card and turn it around to show the audience that there are no abnormalities from the card.

Fold a card in half and use glue to attach half of one card to the other half.

Then place your deck of cards on top of the two pasted cards.

Two cards are glued like this to create a place for the deck not to drop.

You may not rotate the pasted portion of your post to avoid detection.

Please refer to the following link for more magic tricks for beginners.

5 close up magic tricks for sale

Magic trick: Fingers can change cards

You use scissors to cut a portion of the card in the left corner and place it in the back of the card intact.

Let’s use the thumb of your right hand to cover the piece that is still uncut.

Use your finger to push the cut off card so that the audience can see the card is all behind.

To sum up, you can use your finger to skillfully cover the cut off the card behind to complete the magic of turning one card into another.

Close-up magic shows will help you understand the tricks of each magic trick.

This should help those who are just starting out with relief magic and think they can do it.

Come on, future magicians!

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