America’s Got Talent magic tricks golden buzzer

One of the most appreciated magic shows are those that are rung by golden bells. With the golden bell rings, they will continue to the next round without going through other judges.

So let’s take a look at some magic tricks with golden bells ringing.

Got Talent’s most emotional magic show

This magic show has taken away many years of all the viewers at the show. The contestants let their judges choose crayons, animal cards, Rubik’s cubes, and randomly circled books.

He then went on stage to show a video of his daughter. On the video is the content of her poor daughter when she was seriously ill. It took many healing methods to make people unable to hold back their tears.

In the video, his daughter practices coloring and the color she chose is red, and this color was also chosen by the first judge. Next, she was sleeping and next to her was a penguin. The penguin symbol is also the card that the second judge chooses.

Next, the little girl played with the rubik’s cube and made a face full of colors. Surprisingly, the girl’s and the judge’s rubik’s cube moved it exactly the same. And finally, the word on the marked book is the same voice that the girl made.

It was these things that made everyone feel touched and surprised and surprised by his performance. And it was because of this warm and loving magic that helped him get the golden bell to ring.

Interesting magic show by Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards is an art enthusiast. What he aims to do is to be able to make everyone happy and happy. His magic show is also full of excitement and has made the audience an unexpected happiness.

With the original sandbox, Matt Edwards poured them out. And he reddened them in his hand. However, right after that, he opened his hand and surprised thousands of eyes. There was nothing in his hand. Then, with his magical magic in his hand, suddenly poured out endless streams of sand.

This made everyone feel more interested and closer to the audience. Along with his humor and cheerfulness, he completed the contest and left in the hearts of viewers a feeling of joy and happiness. And this performance of his also won the golden bell.

Jon Dorenbos’ Magical Drawings

Jon Dorenbos with an extremely mysterious magic show and won the golden bell to ring. This is a well-deserved reward for you. With his magic brush strokes, he initially had the judges choose a card at random and Jon Dorenbos had no idea what it was.

Then Jon Dorenbos drew on the paper a picture of the “x” card. Everyone who came here seemed to feel strange and thought he had an accident while performing. But it doesn’t stop there. Jon Dorenbos added lines to make them look like a box. And just a moment later, from the open box, the number 5 card chosen by the judge appeared.

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Jon Dorenbos immediately released that paper and proved to everyone that it was still just a piece of paper. The thing is that everyone was surprised to witness such a miraculous performance with their own eyes. And your performance is worthy of receiving the golden bell, isn’t it?

Lia Kyle’s rapid transformation magic

Lia Kyle performed an extremely attractive magic show. In each of us, each change of clothes takes at least 3-5 minutes. However, with this girl, would you believe it for a moment? It’s Lia Kyle, a 25-year-old girl full of talent.

The performance changed rapidly on his stage. She has continuously worn more than 5 clothes on her body. I really can’t believe it. And she made it. She used her magic to change more than 5 outfits right on stage and didn’t leave any traces or loopholes.

Right after the performance ended, while chatting with the judges, the golden bell rang. Lia Kyle was very excited and happy. Even the audience expressed their love and admiration for her a lot. It’s really a talent, isn’t it?

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Thus, we have shared with you about America’s Got Talent’s Golden Bell magic show. If you know any other good and interesting performances that have reached the end of the bell, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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