Most amazing magic tricks at America’s Got Talent

America is one of the countries with the greatest magicians in the world.

Every year, competitions are held to find talented magicians through the program America’s Got Talen.

Salt magic trick America’s Got Talent

The first will be a magic show of a young man with a small glass jar.

He took out a glass jar and a deck of cards from his pocket and suddenly spat out another card.

He raised his bare hand high and turned out each card in turn.

Then a red ball is turned out and passed into the hands of the audience when it is not good.

Buried alive magic trick America’s Got Talent

A thrilling live burial magic was performed in front of a large audience.

Magicians will be buried alive underground in the presence of many people.

His wife cried and cried because she was worried about her husband.

After the clock was pressed, he was tied with chains and buried underground.

Five minutes later he broke the chain and made his way through the tunnel to the back of the stage.

Appearing beer magic trick America’s Got Talent

The handsome young magician will perform the act of making beer appear.

Holding an empty paper box in his hand, he made many movements with the paper bag.

Take turns taking out the beer glass-shaped tools from small to large.

A real beer was also taken out from an empty paper bag, surprising the audience.

Finally, he put the paper bag on the table and took out a huge beer from the paper bag.

Wine bottle magic trick America’s Got Talent

Another magic show with a good bottle of wine.

He prepared a glass and three bottles of wine and placed it on the table on the stage.

Pulling up the paper tube, he loses the first wine, continues to lose the second wine.

Alternately change the paper tube and turn out more and more wine bottles.

More and more he turned into more and more bottles of wine, making every audience on the stage stand up and applaud.

Rubik’s cube magic trick America’s Got Talent

Magician performing magic tricks with a Rubik’s Cube placed in a paper bag.

When removed from the paper bag, the Rubik is neatly arranged according to each color.

The audience will surely think that there is magic in the paper bag.

What’s more amazing is that the magician can rotate the rubik exactly in right order that the judge is holding in his hand.

Quick change magic trick America’s Got Talent

This is the first magic show of a gentle and beautiful girl on the list that I introduce.

The magic show with her suits her style, very sexy and dynamic outfits.

Change quickly to the music with lots of beautiful outfits.

She dances to the music and is very quick to change in seconds.

Those tight-fitting outfits that she can change into so quickly, isn’t it amazing?

It’s the quality talent search program I’ve known so far.

From the beginning to the end, all the beautiful young magicians but also talented make us admire.
Please practice so that one day you can participate in this program!

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