Best card magic tricks on America’s Got Talent

Referring to the cult magic shows of America’s Got Talent. We can’t afford to miss the best card magic entries. So read through this article to know what they are.

Magic Card Transformation

It can be said that this is one of the cult magic shows that made the whole backstage rebel. With sophisticated tricks, the contestants changed the colors of the cards right on the stage.

Not only that, he also turned his magic cards into coins, even the shirt he was wearing changed color to half green and half red.

Revealed best magic tricks ever on America’s Got Talent

With only one deck, he lays the two trump cards aside and at the same time uses a string to split the table in half. The miracle is that the red cards can within a split second turn green and vice versa.

The cards changed color continuously, making the audience unable to take their eyes off their performance. Not only can the card change color, but the shirt he is wearing can also easily change color quickly from black to half blue and half red.

And the culmination of his magic is that those cards can disappear instantly and leave no trace. And they can turn into coins and then return to nothingness.

What do you think about this magic card magic show?

Magic cards that speak

Shin Lim is a character who is always welcomed by everyone because his magic shows from his cards are really excellent. One of his hit performances was a performance of cards that seemed to talk.

Revealed best magic tricks ever on America’s Got Talent

He came to the stage when there were only 2 cards on the card. However, from these two cards, he surprised the whole studio when he turned them into a complete deck. Then the back of these magic cards turned into symbols with the content “I LOVE AMERICA” as if to say I really love America.

Not stopping there, the next step Shin Lim made the cards seem to have a soul and they wanted to convey the message “I Love Americas Got Talent” and then he made them disappear under hundreds of people. watching.

Super power card

With this performance, the contestant transformed himself into a character with superpowers. He is very worried about his super power because his arm doesn’t do what he thinks. It continuously churned out cards that even he himself and everyone else didn’t know came from.

He seems to have a super power that can turn many cards from a few cards to nearly 20 cards in his hand without using any other items. You will not find the opening for this magic show. Because this is no longer an ordinary magic show.

And at the end of the curtain, he surprised the audience when he burned the last cards in his hand. Apparently burned, but when the contestant threw them into the vacuum, they turned into fine, even pieces of cards. It’s too shocking and surprising with this magic show, isn’t it?

So we’ve shared with you the best magic shows on America’s Got Talent. If you know any other interesting magic tricks, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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