Top 5 America’s Got Talent Magic Tricks Shin Lim

Shin Lim is a name that makes a lot of fans because his talent and magic about magic cards are so great. He became a favorite on America’s Got Talent. And in the article below, we will reveal the top 5 magic tricks of America’s Got Talent Shin Lim.

The rapid transformation of the magic card

Shin Lim chose a judge to come on the field with him to perform the magic show. He let the judge choose a card at random and then signed his name on the face of the card. Shin Lim then picked up the card and with his magic made it disappear.

Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2019

And surprisingly, when he asked the judge to get up, the pre-signed card was right there in the chair. This got everyone excited and applauded. With his ingenuity he made the card a pure white screen, and it was imprinted on his chest inside his shirt. But then suddenly that card came out of his mouth.

Next, he puts the bundle of cards inside a bag and sets it aside. Similarly, he also asked the MC to choose a card and then sign his name. Time and time again, the card that the MC chooses is always moving, changing constantly before hundreds of thousands of surprised eyes of the audience. Even cards in a sealed bag are now easily interchangeable.

And in the end, Shin Lim disappeared on stage. And the special thing is that the 2 cards that the judge and the MC chose were him using magic to turn them into the judge’s water jug.

Her card magic trick

A very unique and interesting magic trick. Shin Lim chose a player to perform with him. He then gave her a witchcraft card with no text inside and took a picture with it and placed them face down. Then he let her pick a card and flip, arranging the deck in succession.

Little girl do the magic tricks America’s Got Talent

Next, she splits the deck into two halves. The second part she holds and gives him each card until she wants to stop. The interesting thing is when she stops right at the position of the card she chose earlier.

He asked her to kiss the card, and this was marked by her lipstick. Next he folded her card and asked her to keep it in her mouth. With his magic, he chose a card to suck and then the cards of both of them were swapped.

The strange things don’t stop there, with the picture she took with her phone that she came up with. When she looked back, the card in her hand turned into the card she had chosen. Even cards that are being flipped up and down when bouncing. It’s a surprise, isn’t it?

Shin Lim’s mysterious magic song performance

The performance was completed by the presence of a player with him. The player writes his name on a card. Shin Lim took that card and stuffed it in the center of the deck. However, just a few seconds later with his trick, the card was right on the face. Next, he put the card inside his shirt and when he removed it, it turned white again. And more surprising is that the image of the card is printed on his chest.

Next, with just a gesture of waving, the cards instantly turned red. Shin Lim spread out the cards on the table, only the card chosen by the player was still green. Then, he took the card and gave it to the girl to hold. He used another card, swayed a few times, it turned into the card of the girl’s choice, and the card in her hand was a white card.

Next, he scattered the cards on the table. They turned into an arrow pointing to the mysterious magic card. And, inside this mystery is the card that the player has chosen before. And he put this card in his deck.

More surprisingly, his cards suddenly became transparent, leaving only the card with the girl’s name on it. Shin Lim gave it to the girl and along with his deck of cards. She pressed her hands over the cards, which froze into an object. And when Shin Lim put it in the card box they became a box with nothing left.

Magic card magic disappears strangely

Shin Lim and a girl performed their mysterious magic trick on stage, making thousands of eyes admire. Specifically, Shin Lim can easily clone cards with just one original magic card. Just like that, he can turn out a lot of cards on the table.

He let the girl hold a card. But after a while, he turned the card the girl kept half-cloned into four cards. This has made a lot of people feel excited and excited. Everyone was surprised by Shin Lim’s talented magic trick.

At the end of the curtain, Shin Lim skillfully used his magic to disappear the cards lying on the table. Did you find it interesting? Please leave your comments about this performance.

Shin Lim’s favorite card magic trick

With the support of two players. Shin Lim let the first player choose a card and then sign his name on it. Shin Lim immediately disappeared the pen that player 1 used, Next, player 1’s card that was placed face down on the table suddenly smoked.

When flipped over it turned a white color. At the same time, Shin Lim cox’s mouth suddenly smoked and a moment later Player 1’s card slowly crawled out of his mouth. Shin Lim took it down and put it in a white bag aside.

For the second player, he also asked them to choose a card and then sign them. He then puts this card in the same deck, within seconds the deck suddenly disappears leaving only player 2’s card left. And since when has that deck been in the deck of the deck ever since?

When he took them out, it attracted most of the attention of everyone present. He then repeatedly reversed the positions of player 2’s cards. Shin Lim ended up putting them together in a bag. He then quickly used his magic to make them disappear without leaving a trace. And the whole deck of cards wrapped in their shells disappeared in an instant, without a trace.

So in the above article, we have shared the top 5 magic tricks of America’s Got Talent Shin Lim. If you know any other interesting and thrilling Shin Lim performances, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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