Top 5 Funny magic tricks America’s Got Talent

In addition to the good and popular performances, America’s Got Talent also has extremely funny performances. Make everyone happy to watch.

So let’s go through this article to find out the Top 5 funny magic shows of America’s Got Talent.

The first funny magic show

It can be said that this is the most popular magic show by the contestant’s humor. Usually when performing magic, people find ways to hide their tricks. However, with this guy, he went completely against that.

Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2021

Specifically, with his magic performances, he revealed the secret to performing. It was these things that made everyone laugh and enjoy his performance. Typically the part that turns a box into a vacuum. But soon he revealed his trick of having a stick that he clamped in his hand to keep it in place.

Next was a glass of water he used magic to disappear with a towel. He immediately popped the pumpkin and this performance was successful because the water inside the glass was put into a bag.

With exciting magic shows and revealing their loopholes. His performances are considered one of the funniest Got Talent.

The second funny magic show

With this magic show we can feel its humor from the very first moments of the show. A spectacular landing took place, he landed on the stage with a zipper, but the act of removing the mini fan behind his back made everyone feel very interesting.

Next, he chose a judge to come on stage to support his performance. He gave the judge two closed circles. He asked the examiner to put them together to try, but it didn’t work because there was no abnormality. Right after that, he took back the two bracelets and threw them away. Next, he gave the judge to blow a balloon and asked to blow it up. You don’t need to touch the ball, but you can still make it burst.

America’s Got Talent magic tricks golden buzzer

Then he took out a bag so that a lot of bubbles had not been inflated. The judge was bewildered by his actions. And finally, he gave the judge a pre-blown balloon. Then he made everyone laugh when the balloon was placed right in the judge’s dangerous spot and he pressed his body so that it created a rather sensitive shape. This caused a burst of laughter for those who watched this show.

Leos .’s third funny magic show

Leos invited a female judge to perform with him. He then asked for her name and before that he acted like he was writing something on a board. When she finished answering, he handed the board back to her and asked if it was her. The examiner answered yes. And he showed his face inside that was a mirror. This made everyone feel very interesting.

Next he took two boxes, he let her choose one but in fact he did not let her choose. standing with their backs to each other, he asked her to count a sequence of numbers in order. She counted the numbers and in the meantime Leos took out a banana from the box and ate it deliciously. After she finished counting and opened the bag, he dropped the banana peel inside and even thanked her. His humorous magic show made everyone laugh.

The fourth funny magic show

A funny magic show not inferior to the magic shows we shared above. For the anyf magic show, the contestant used an inflated rubber glove. After that, he created animals like pokemon, Pikachu and accompanied by realistic cries from his mouth that made viewers laugh and couldn’t hold their mouths.

Then he takes a deck of cards ask the judges to choose and then he will guess.

But the point that makes you laugh is that this deck has only one big card and all the rest are small and all the same. With this, when the judge chooses any card, he can easily point it out, right? His non-actual performances made the whole backstage laugh.

The fifth funny magic show – Yoga with dog

A dog who loves to practice Yoga. It sounds absurd, but this is absolutely true. The dog and his owner took to the stage to perform an extremely skillful Yoga performance. Uncle let im re, coordinated with the owner very well.

Then, on the stage, many dogs were brought up to practice Yoga. The judges were also interested in this, so they joined in. But any dog ​​feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to stay in place. They move everywhere, only the contestant’s dog in the show is skilled from start to finish. In the end, the dog gave his judge a huge gift. It urinated on the judge’s shoe, causing all the onlookers to have a good laugh. How fun the chaos is.

So we have shared America’s Got Talent Top 5 funny magic tricks. If you know any funny magic tricks, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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