Top 15 Most Expensive Magic Props at 7magicinc

A lot of props from small to large, from cheap to expensive are being sold a lot in the market.

However, “you get what you pay for”, so if you invest in expensive magic props, they will ensure high efficiency.

Moreover, you will be absolutely amazed at its functionality.

144.00 $ Double Fire Pan Into Bouquet

The magician shows the audience two empty pans with absolutely nothing.

The audience is not particularly impressed with the two pans because they are designed to be smooth.

The magician opened two pans and fire erupted from each.

Then close them and open them again.

Strange that the flowers bloomed quickly instead of burning in the fire.

132.00 $ Blooming Flower Vase

The props are plants and beautiful flowers that will make people’s hearts flutter.

You keep plucking each flower, one by one, but no matter how much you pluck, the flower will automatically grow back.

Flower vase is an extremely interesting performance with flowers that stage magicians can hardly ignore.

The performance is simple, easy to perform, but highly effective, leaving a strong impression on the audience.

174.00 $ Vanishing Bouquet And Vase

The magician places the flower vase on your face and the pot will disappear for a while before reappearing.

The vase of flowers disappearing in an instant is a miracle that will happen.

Immediately the flowers appeared on the pot, surprising the audience.

This will be a magic performance that will have a great effect on the audience, especially the Children.

295.00 $ MENTAL DICE (With Online Instruction) by Tony Anverdi

This prop is one of the most popular effects on sale today.

The advanced micro-electronics are amazing and reliable.

Roll out three dice, each with a different color.

Even if you have your back turned, you confidently know which number has been selected on each colored box.

This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today’s modern technology and materials.

300.00 $ Magic Girl Flying

The flying man magic is a magic show that makes millions of people excited.

The show was chosen by many veteran magicians at home and abroad.

A wonderful table allows the girl to fly in the air under the observation of thousands of spectators from many angles.

With this device, you will get spectacular performances.

200.00 $ The sword frame stabbed horror

Just looking at the picture, you can see that this frame is very scary and looks really scary.

The performance is somewhat creepy and the magician will both act and tell stories to scare the audience to bring the audience to the most sublime emotional levels.

With this performance, the magician will use three swords to pierce the assistant’s neck and arm.

Especially the assistant will be one of the audience below.

200.00 $ Head Fire

This prop is like a mysterious mask and more dangerous is that it can emit fire.

This item comes in two different models: the Tora Exclusive Model and the International Model.

The company model Tora includes a beautiful tube with a cap set on a pedestal.

The lid is used to put out fires and should be checked thoroughly before performing to ensure the safety of the performer.

The magician will place the tube on the head of any assistant or spectator and place a bright torch in the tube.

The fire actually flared up but the assistant was not harmed at all.

326.00 $ Fire To Colorful Flower Vase 4 Time

Colorful flower pots will be shown by the bird magician around the stage for the audience to see.

On the other hand, he used a wand to touch the flowerpot causing the vase to catch fire.

The next time he touched the flowerpot with his wand, a bouquet of flowers appeared instead of flames.

Then the magician changed the flowerpot into 2 flowerpots!

And surprisingly, the next time 2 flowerpots changed to 3 flowerpots!

391.30 $ Coin and Rings in Glass – Remote Table

A formal black box will contain props inside.

The performer begins by holding three coins and a ring on his fingertip.

Then he threw them, one by one, into the air.

Every penny is see-through, startling the audience.

340.80 $ Back of Tora Cube Handcraft (Antique)

This magic show really needs the audience’s interaction with the props.

A beautiful wooden box containing a rubic cube inside.

You put it in a wooden box, a wooden mold box with two doors in the front and two doors in the back.

You will then ask the audience to guess where the Rubic’s cube is.

After doing this a few times, you finally open all the doors, the cube is gone!

304.30 $ Tora Magic Wine List

The magician shows the audience an empty paper bag at the beginning.

Then he appeared four bottles of wine from his pocket.

Of course four bottles are special and the fifth one is the real wine bottle.

And the magician opened the door and offered wine to the audience.

This item includes a paper bag and 4 bottles of wine.

200.00 $ Tora Dice Tower

Props include four brightly colored dice and a black display button.

Place a colorful puzzle with four different colors on some flat card.

Remove the lid and magically all the black dice have turned to the game colors in the correct order!

When you remove the cover again, all the dice of one color have changed into one dice of that same color.

When this cover was removed, the color dice changed to 8 colorful little dice!

217.40 $ Tora Fire to Flower Vase (3 Times)

The magician displays flower pots for guests to admire and check.

Touch the flower pot with a stick to cast a spell.

The audience will panic when they see the flower pot on fire.

Then the magician touches the flower pot with the stick, a bouquet of flowers appears instead of fire.

In turn like that, in the next time it will turn into 2 flower pots and more.

326.10 $ Tora Fire to Colorful Flower Vases (4 times)

Quite similar to the above props, this magic show will include many flower pots with different colors.

But first, the audience only gets to see a vase and a magic wand.

The magician enchants the flowerpot to turn into many other flowerpots.

This prop is allowed up to four times.

239.10 $ Fire Can Botania

The magician shows the audience an empty vase and convinces everyone that the vase is completely empty.

Suddenly, a flame burst out and ignited the vase.

The magician tried to water it with a nearby water hose to put out the fire but was unable to put it out.

Then, use the jar prepared at the beginning to make the fire extinguish.

After the fire was extinguished, a large beautiful bouquet appeared in place of the flame.

These sophisticated props must have brought you excitement and went from surprise to surprise.

Regular practice and investing in expensive props is the first step to becoming a professional magician.

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