Some Magic Tricks That Vanish And Appear Object Right In Front of Audience

Currently there are a lot of magic tricks which are performanced around the world.

People are constantly admiring the interesting magic tricks, but they also wonder how to perform those magic tricks.

This article will introduce you to a few popular props that can be purchased at most magic goods stores.

Topic about: Magic Props
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 30 Year Olds
Price: From 1$ to 20$
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do

Magic trick: Mineral water bottles are turned out in plastic containers

The main props of the magic tricks are a plastic bottle and green plastic props box.

Put the water bottle in the first plastic compartment of the box and pull the green peel up along the water bottle.

A plastic box in the second compartment will be shown for the viewers to see.

The green plastic container is got in the first compartment to cover the audiences’ eyes.

In conclusion, the water bottle appear in front of the audience.

Magic trick: Empty bags turn out showy flowers

You need to buy a paper bag with foldable items that match the bottom of the bag.

A few rows of flowers and color boxes are arranged at the bottom of the bag.

These items can fold into a piece of paper that is the same color as the bottom of the paper bag.

Finally, you show the audience the bottom of the bag.

The special structure of this bag will be revealed immediately.

Magic trick: The Birthday Cake popped out of a metal box

We were surprised by the title alone, right?

A cake is hidden on the large box from the beginning that the viewers can not see.

After placing the box lower on the large lid and screw one, the cake will pop out.

With this magic trick, you can perform at the birthday party of your girlfriend or children.

Surely your loved ones will be very touched and love you more.

Magic trick: A stick become a red rose

The stick is specially constructed with a rubber band to hold the red flower inside.

Create the act of turning out a flower, your hand will let go of the elastic to let the flower expand.

If you let the audience see the hidden elastic, this trick willhave a pathetic failure.

Magic trick: The handkerchief comes out from the box

The thing that you show the audience the box is completely empty is very important.

After that, you do some magic moves to make the scarf out of the metal box.

The red scarf is pulled from the original empty box definitely will make everyone surprising.

Actually this box has a special structure with a box back which hides the scarf.

Magic trick: Crumbling a coin

First of all, you should put the coin in the palm of your hand few seconds.

Do some movements of the coin in the palm of the hand is just a fake gesture to the audience believe.

Your other hand will hold the coin without being seen by the audience while the other hand is still crushing the coin.

The key to this magic trick is the act of crumpling a coin and holding the coin in the other hand without showing to the audience.

Magic trick: Magic hands and mystery coin

Use your hand to rub together for a few seconds to see the consequence.

The coin suddenly appeared in the palm of the hand.

You need to use two fingers to pull the coin below and use the hand rub to get the coin on the palm of your hand.

Likewise, do a hand rub to hold a coin between two fingers.

We should hope that the audience will not see the other side of the hand that is hiding the coin.

Magic trick: The magic pencil vanishes the coin

Let’s knock on a coin a few times before you do this magic trick.

Surely watching here you still do not understand why the coin disappeared?

When you toss a coin, it falls into the other hand, but because the operation is too fast, the audience will not notice.

One the sure opinion that the audience will think that the coin disappears thanks to the magic pencil.

Magic trick: Transparent mirror and the unbelievable thing

The most important move to do is put the mirror in the box and put the red towel in the box.

Then, you shake the box a few times and rotate the box with the red towel up front.

Just a single rotation can complete this magic trick.

It’s easy, right!

Magic trick: A cigarette pack turn into the black box

If you want the trick to be easy, you should hold a pack of cigarettes tucked into a black box.

You need to know that cigarette pack have a structure that can be stacked in a black box.

Perform skillfully so that the back of the box is not exposed to the audience

Magic trick: Mysterious dice and coins

The props for this trick are a black box with a comparment with lots of coins and dices.

What is next is that you will tap on the box a few times to see the objects disappear.

The box can hide objects in and pull out an empty compartment for the viewers watch the strange thing.

Dice and coins and a black drawer with a black box will be sold at many magic stores.

Magic trick: Two-compartment bag

At first glance, people will think that this bag has a compartment like another storage bag.

The bag has a construction with a separate egg compartment and an empty compartment for spectators.

Take the eggs one out of the first compartment and reopen the empty compartment for the audience to see.

Repeat this process until you have removed all of it from the bag

Magic trick: Color variation box

You have to know that the red giant card matches the color of the deck of box.

After that time, put the giant card to cover the deck, the audience will think the giant hybrid card disappears from the box.

Note that not reveal the card box when the cards are face down.

Magic trick: The handkerchief flies with the wind

Take the tube and the scaft on your hand and then, wrap it up with a red scarf

What the surprising! The can instantly disappeared.

The movement of pulling the scarf out took away the tube, making the audience feel the can disappeared.

Magic trick: Red scarf Red scarf appears from the black box

The props which you need to prepare are clear plastic front and black box with a secret compartment.

The back of the box is a black container to store the red scaft.

Then, you will pull the red scaft from the back compartment of the box that is very thin.

You cannot let the audience check the box until the magic trick is end.

Big effects from the above magic tricks will make you keen on perform the tricks more difficult.

Trust is a very important thing to do anything.

Therefore, you must believe that you have the power to perform them.

Surely many of you are eager to perform them right after watching my introduction.

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