How to learn magic: 20 Magic Tricks Tutorial

Your life will be more fanstating if you know how to surprise others. One of the ways is to become a magician.

The magician mentioned here does not necessarily represent dangerous magic tricks.

This article will help you closer to your dream of becoming a magician with simple card magic tricks.

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Top 5 Magic Tricks That Blow Your Mind

Magic trick: Wearing a ring magically

The ring will be hold tightly on your hand.

When he raised his hand, the ring was immediately attached to the index finger.

The flip gesture actually lets us put our index finger on the ring so quickly that the audience cannot see it.

With simple movements that you can make the audience think it magical.

Magic trick: The finger disappears from the hand

You need to be prepared mentality because this trick seem to be frightening.

You use one hand to hold the little finger of the other hand.

Shrink your littel finger down at that time.

Make sure that your hand is tilted so that the audience won’t see your shrinking finger.

It is certain that viewers will be frightened when your finger disappears supprisingly like that.

Magic trick: The pen is not fallen

You’ll turn the back of your hand towards the audience to prevent them from reveal.

The inside of the hand will pierce a pencil through the watch on hand.

Grip the pen under the pencil and you will hold it carefully.

To demonstrate to the audience that the pen does not fall, you will do some gesture in front of them.

Magic trick: A dollar bill turns into two dollar bills

First of all, you use scissors to cut the bill into two pieces.

Two parts of the bill were cut into two small pieces.

Note that we had used glue to stickthem together and cut the bill in half and finally, the audience would see the notes together.

Magic trick: The pen is controlled

First, holding a pen in your palm and gently shaking it a few times.

Then using your other hand to grab the wrist of the hand holding the pen.

Note that a finger will be used to hold the pen in the palm of the hand.

This game is shown to the audience in front of you and must not reveal the finger that holds the pen.

How To Do Card Tricks For Beginners

Magic card trick: Turn out the other card by the fan card

Two objects need to be prepared two main cards to do this magic trick.

These two cards are placed next to each other and are held in your left hand.

You right hand will cheapen the deck into a fan to do some magic moves on the other two cards.

The move of bringing the fan closer to the two cards currently held in your left hand will help you remove the first card.

Finally, the audience will see only the card behind the card was removed.

Magic card trick: Rotating the card to make it disappear

Preparing two cards of different colors and are placed next to each other from the start.

Using two hands to rotate the two cards continuously. While rotating in the palm of the hand, quickly taking the below card to hide.

Then turning your other card around and hiding that card into the palm of the hand so that the viewers will only see the card placed later.

Magic card trick: Rotating the card to change its color

This magic trick will be a bit dizzy because you have to rotate the card.

While rotating the card, you can take turns to taking one card out for the audience to see and keep the other card in the palm of your hand.

When you trade cards, your hand should be enough to cover the action.

Magic card trick: Magical card self-discoloration

You will prepare two cards from the front and turn the two cards against each other.

The fingers below will mark the position of second card so you can take both the first and second card with ease.

Using your other hand to carefully rotate the card without any cards coming off.

Magic card trick: Waving to change the color of the card

This trick only needs a wave of your hand across the deck.

Your right hand will close tightly. By that time, when touching the deck, the right hand quickly inhaled a card.

Absolutely do not let the viewers see the card hidden in the palm of your hand.

Funny Magic Tricks Everyone Can Do

Magic trick: Messy cards change to the same color

The audience will see all red cards from the start.

The key to this magic trick is that you line the black and red cards with glue.

Then, use scissors to cut into a triangle of the pasted cards and place the cut after the first red card on the right.

Use your hand to stroke and that hand will hold the cut out hand. At this point, the audience will only see red cards.

Magic trick: The cards keep the balance of the deck

First, take the card and turn it around to show the audience that there are no abnormalities from the card.

Fold a card in half and use glue to attach half of one card to the other half.

Then place your deck of cards on top of the two pasted cards.

Two cards are glued like this to create a place for the deck not to drop.

You may not rotate the pasted portion of your post to avoid detection.

Magic trick: Magic bill cannot be cut

The props to be prepared are a bill, a pencil and a blank piece of paper.

Then, you fold the bill and the blank paper in half.

Use the tip of a sharp pencil to stick between the note and the folded white paper.

The note is folded into a small piece so that the pencil can be stabbed into the white paper through the fold.

the unbroken note will be shown in front of the viewers.

Magic trick: The ball swaps positions

The audience will see that your hands are completely empty from the start.

Then, use your right hand to put the red ball in the palm of your left hand.

Then you use three fingers on the right hand to cover the ball and put the ball in the palm of the right hand.

This movement is done quite quickly and skillfully so the audience can hardly detect it.

Magic trick: The paper cannot be cut

First you need to prepare a green paper with a picture, a pair of scissors and a piece of white paper that is glued together.

Then, use scissors to cut in the middle of a two-line white paper circle.

Use a blue piece of paper through the two lines cut on the white paper ring.

Due to the gap in the middle, no matter how you cut, the green paper will not break.

Five Cards Tricks With Four of The Kind

Magic card trick: Face-up Four played

Shuffle the cards carefully before performing to make you more confident.

However, shuffling must be done using a technique that does not affect the cards that are lined up.

Four Ace cards are played face-up and are played behind one face down.

And obviously the card face down is also the Ace card.

Your job is to spread the card from the top and flip the last Ace card.

Magic card trick: Randomly four Poker

Rolling out the cards and place four Poker cards at the end of the deck.

Then, split the deck into pieces but keep the four Poker at the end of the deck.

Audience will think you will still draw four Poker at random.

Magic card trick: Four Ace and King cards

Four King and four Ace cards are arranged at the beginning.

After that, let’s put them alternately.

You will use a smooth rub so that sometimes the audience sees the King cards, sometimes the Ace cards.

Your rubbing will help the audience think that these cards are not abnormal.

Magic card trick: Red Ace card turns black

Firstly, the audience will be watched the four Ace cards so they won’t see any abnormalities from them.

When you show the audience two Ace cards, one is red and one is black.

Then you use your hand to mark the position of the black Ace card and cover it with your hand to get the correct black card out on the table.

When placed on the table, the audience will see that these two ace cards are black cards.

Magic card trick: Four cards overlaply

The four Poker cards are carefully arranged in previous order.

Shuffle the cards but still get exactly four Poker cards.

Initially you carefully arranged the cards in the predetermined order.

Highlighting needs to be done carefully and in the correct order.

It’s easy to for you perform the above magic tricks right!

If you feel quite difficult to do magic at the first time, let’s do it regularly .

Every day, practicing these games will make your magic level rise to a new level.

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