Top 5 kid magic tricks America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a show full of talents from young to adult. This article will share with you about the Top 5 magic shows for children America’s Got Talent.

Check out this article to see how talented these kids are.

The boy’s dangerous magic show

The boy performed his magic show with anxiety from the audience to the judges. The boy invited a judge onto the stage to lie down in a handmade paper box. The boy then used a drill to stab his cardboard box.

This made everyone feel nervous and a little scared. However, after the boy performed his act he revealed his repertoire. The part you drilled has been carefully equipped, safe for the people below. the show is over. He received a lot of support and excitement from everyone.

Aidan McCann’s Magic Show

Aidan McCann is a 10-year-old boy full of talent. In his performance, the boy performed very well, surprising the judges. Specifically, the boy took the judge’s ring. And he gave a box inside that was a gift box to another judge. Then he took out a towel and wrapped the ring. He gave it to the examiner to check and soon, when he opened the scarf, there was no ring inside.

He went to the judge with the bouncing box, opened it, and took it from inside a watch. And surprisingly, inside that watch there was a ring that had just disappeared at this time. Aidan McCann’s performance made the judges feel surprised and interesting.

Magic show by Daniel Dogas

Daniel Dogas performed a magic show in silence but still equally good and interesting. With his talented magic, he selected four cards from his deck. Then he placed them on the table in the direction of the four corners. Only briefly, when Daniel Dogas picked up the cards to reveal underneath were coins from nowhere.

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With his real hand, though he didn’t touch it, Daniel Dogas could still easily move the coins to another place. By the time he was completely full of four coins in one place, he made them disappear. Even the deck of cards, after being given the cover, was destroyed by his magic.

The most popular horror dance magic show

A girl with only 11 years old had a dance performance with horror shapes that surprised viewers. In this performance, she transforms into a horror character and dances to the dances of the dead. With her decisive and powerful movements, she won a lot of love from the judges.

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More specifically, the girl had an accurate “cover” of the dances of famous horror characters in the world. This scared many viewers. But after all, talking about this girl’s talent is really excellent, isn’t it?

Magic show of 9 year old boy

A boy just 9 years old but full of talent no less than the older characters. The boy with this performance showed off a coin and his deck of cards. With the coin, he can make it disappear and return immediately when standing in front of the audience. With his confident and sure posture, this 9-year-old boy performed very calmly and surprised many people.

As for the deck, the boy let the judge choose a random card from his hand and asked the judge to keep that card. Then he also picked out a card for himself. And just a moment later, he used his magic to swap the positions of the two cards. When the judge’s card was turned over, everyone was amazed when a 9-year-old boy was so talented.

So in the above article, we have shared about the Top 5 magic shows for children America’s Got Talent. The kids are full of enthusiasm and talent, aren’t they? You can see more information about magic on our page.

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