15 Magic Props With Water and Liquid Every Magician Should Know

Until now, everyone was still very familiar with solid material props.

But today you will be introduced to very strange props with water and magical liquids.

Water to Black Tea Magic Props

With this magic show, the audience will be able to interact directly and hand-hold the props.

You will give the audience a teapot and pour water into the kettle.

You will take the tea bags you have prepared from scratch and pour them into your hands.

In your hand there will be smoke and you will blow it into the teapot.

From a teapot with only water, to a delicious teapot that you can instantly enjoy.

Color change water 5 time

Magic shows with water bottles are quite rare, so you can completely take advantage of them to surprise the audience.

A completely normal water bottle, magician can pour into different types of wine as well as drinks.

All are made with normal water but the audience will think it’s red wine, white wine, soda, blue soda, …

Water color change can

How are the water cans on the market different from the following magic props?

But through the magic hands of magicians, it becomes extremely special.

You take out three glasses, then you pour into each glass, but each time you pour it, you add a different drink.

The first cup poured out the water, the second poured the orange juice, and on the third, you poured the tea again.

A drink that you cannot find on the market.

Ice From Water By Luchen

The audience will be able to see a water tank but they absolutely cannot see anything in the water.

The magician put his hand on the water and the water was frozen in his hand.

Of course there is a substance to freeze water you didn’t know.

After a few minutes, finish the performance before the trick is discovered.

Drink Water Newspaper

The newspaper that knows to drink high quality water is a sophisticated tool for all magic shows.

The product has a funny shape, is a good gift for children and reduces anxiety for adults.

The weight of the newspaper is very light, just put it in a bag or even in the magician’s hand.

Different lighting and display may cause the item’s color to differ slightly from the actual product.

Floating Water Cup Magic Props

A clear glass filled with water is a great prop for this magic show.

Cover the rim of the glass with a piece of paper, then turn the glass upside down.

Liquid remains in the glass after the magician takes out the paper.

You will notice that the liquid is falling at the end of the performance.

Gravity Bottle Water

Gravity bottled water sounds abstract but it will be easy to understand when you do magic with this prop.

Anti-gravity water bottle prevents water leakage to the outside.

Pour a little water on your hand and turn your mouth upside down.

Water that can be suspended in the air does not flow out,

Place the cup upside down before the suction is removed immediately.

Water From Above Bowls

When performing, the magician shows the audience a pair of empty bowls.

The audience can see the bottom of the bowl.

You will use magic to make the water appear in the bowl.

That is one of the unbelievable spells for the audience.

Money turns into water

The magician places a note in the jar and shakes it to turn the money into water.

If you perform with money from the audience, they will definitely regret it.

Of course, don’t worry that the money will disappear. It’s still in the bottle.

Sands Of The Desert

Place the magician’s hand in the water so it turns black.

One by one, pour three kinds of colored sand into the bowl of water and mix well.

Each one can be individually separated in different colors.

After all three types of sand have been gutted, you turn the water back from black to clear.

Magic Goldfish Bowl (Small)

An extremely cool and new game effect that magician will show you.

A pot of water is placed next to the empty pot.

Use a black cloth and cover the bowl to stimulate the audience’s curiosity.

After taking the cloth to cover, the inside of the water tank appeared fish.

Big Endless Wine From Gourd (1.5L)

The bottomless lake is an indispensable tool for magicians from amateur to professional.

It is a type of pot with a different structure than other lakes.

As soon as the water is poured out, it refills itself and the water never ceases.

Fill the tank with water and steep down completely to let the drop drip, but it only takes a few seconds to fill the tank.

Infinity teapot Magic Props

A teapot without water is shown to the audience by the magician.

You can remove its lid and bottom for an audience to see.

After that, you can still pour a lot of water out of that teapot.

The audience is surely still amazed with the question: “Why is the water in the teapot pouring out all the time?”

Milk Pitcher (Stage Size)

A normal looking large pitcher is filled with milk.

You can use paper to form a funnel and fill it with a bottle.

To prove you are doing the real thing, you pour the remaining milk from the canister into a glass.

Chances are many viewers will believe the milk in the bottle is limitless.

Floating glass Magic Props

Float glass is a really easy magic trick to perform.

You can pour beer or soft drinks into the pot and use a straw to suck it in front of the audience.

By holding the straw in your mouth it is possible to lift the glass of water without falling over it.

It is entirely possible to use your hands to lift a beer glass into the air.

Many of you will be amazed at the props introduced in the article because of their strangeness.

It is these special structures that will stimulate so much curiosity of people.

To increase the effectiveness of the magic show, use such strange and wonderful props!

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