Little girl do the magic tricks America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent Magical Girls will really surprise you. These girls are really multi-talented, and worth checking out. Let’s take a look at the article below to know these girls with magic tricks full of magic.

Olivia binfield

Olivia Binfield is a talented 7-year-old girl. Little Olivia has a penchant for poetry and wants to share her talent for words with the judges. Surprisingly, when Olivia stood on stage, she confidently presented her performance. The girl surprised hundreds of thousands of spectators with her bold performance.

The little girl stood on the stage reading the poem and on her neck was a giant python. We often know that pythons are very dangerous. They can wrap around the human body and suffocate us to death. But with her love and courage, Olivia tamed the python. Join him to perform and complete his part.

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Although she is only 7 years old, her talent is worthy of our admiration. From confidently speaking in front of a crowd – this is something that even adults are not sure to do. As for breaking the thinking, the shyness of herself, Olivia’s age is too young.

Issy Simpson

Issy is a little girl who is only 10 years old. Issy has a strong passion for magic tricks and she probably inherited it from her family. In his many attractive and full of talent. Issy has shown friendly, cute and mysterious features in the hit magic shows of Got Talent.

One of his special impressive performances is the performance of “Issy Simpson’s surprises”. She opened a box with books inside and asked the examiner to look through it. And then she asked another judge to lift the box. But by all means, the two judges could not move the box. At the end of the show, she surprised everyone when the image of the card chosen by the judge was printed on her shirt.

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Issy Simpson is such a lovely girl with many talented performances. And promise her future paths will certainly not let you down.

Unique magic in Got talent by Issy simpson

With this magic show, the girl presented the photos in her hand, then asked the judges to choose a photo. Next she asked the judge to put the photo away so no one could see it.

Next she used the show’s magic deck to perform. Above the cards are the names of the pictures when they bounce. Next, scatter and arrange them full of mystery. And ask the examiner to hold up the photo. This time she still has not seen what the picture is. And surprisingly, with a wave of his hand.

All the cards become pieces of a picture. And Issy Simpson put them together. This made everyone stand up and clapped their hands excitedly for her outstanding talent. The image after being stitched together is the image that the judge is holding in his hand.

Issy simpson’s lucky card magic trick

Along with the success of the previous time, Issy Simpson continued her magic card performance. And her magic performance this time still makes the audience all over the set of the Got talent show, hands in the air filled with excitement.

She continued to use her unmovable spooky box and let her judge choose a card. Vfa she correctly guessed the word that the judge was holding the other book, it was written on the blackboard since when. And this time her shirt was printed with the judge holding the card she chose, making everyone happy and excited.

Issy Simpson is really a promising and talented girl, isn’t she? And you, how do you feel about this talented girl who is only 10 years old?

So we’ve shared with you about the talented America’s Got Talent magic girls. Thank you for reading our article. If you know her with any talented magic tricks, please leave a comment below.

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