Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2020

Referring to magic, people can not forget to mention America.

America is the cradle of magic around the world, people will come here to witness many wonderful magic shows.

Here is a series of extremely good magic shows at America’s Got Talent 2020.

Magic trick: Turning out pieces of paper from bare hands

The magician sat on the stage in a daze, then suddenly his limbs contracted many times.

One piece of paper, then two pieces, …, many pieces are turned out continuously.

The audience couldn’t stop admiring and wondering how he was able to turn out so much paper from his bare hands.

Top 5 magic tricks America’s Got Talent 2019

The most special is when he transforms into pieces of paper that are wrapped in bandages on his hands.

It looked like the magician’s arm was wounded and bandaged with these loose pieces of paper.

Then suddenly the pieces of paper popped out like confetti, looking very beautiful.

Magic trick: Self-Clone Disc

A magic show with a hard disk is quite strange compared to other performances.

Obviously, the audience saw that the disc was very sturdy, but with a light squeeze, it disappeared.

The plate burst into pieces of paper and flew around the stage, leaving a lot of curiosity in everyone’s mind.

Then he picks up the empty box and infuses it with magic by pressing hard on the box.

Gradually, each piece of the plate was formed in the empty box.

Most amazing magic tricks at America’s Got Talent

The magician opened the box and took out the plate intact as it was when it was not crushed.

Strangely, the magician can make the disc appear or disappear anywhere on his body.

In the end, he turned out the glittering discs and they became more and more.

Magic trick: A red scarf are transferred by two magicians

This magic show is performed by two magicians wearing the same uniform.

These two magicians point in the same direction and then switch positions.

They really confused the audience and at that moment, one of the magicians took out a red scarf.

He stuffed the red scarf into his left ear and pulled it out from his right ear.

Just like that, the two men held each other’s hands and passed the towel from one to the other with superpowers.

Apparently, the two magicians don’t touch each other, but the scarf magically moves through space.

Magic trick: The dog does magic

This magic show will have the interaction of half a magician with his lovely dog.

At first glance, this dog is very intelligent.

The dog in turn does whatever the owner says.

First, the dog pulls from the magician’s sleeve several interconnected scarves.

Then the owl ran inside the glittering velvet curtain and ran back to the stage.

The dog can climb onto the arm of the standing magician without shaking at all.

Magic trick: Two spiritual judges are compatible

This final magic show will have the interaction of two male judges.

On the stage prepare, a table and the whole screen clearly shows what the magician does on the table.

A deck of cards is spread by the magician on both sides of the judges.

The two judges use one finger to point at the card they want to choose according to the magician’s instructions.

Then, one of the judges will be blindfolded, the other will raise his hand and the other will raise his hand.

Coincidentally, even though a judge was blindfolded, why did these two have very similar movements?

The magic show really surprised the audience.

The magic shows took place in a few short minutes but left in the hearts of viewers indescribable emotions.

These will definitely be unique magic shows recognized by the whole world.

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